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Last updated on July 22nd, 2022 at 07:52 am

Every woman wants to learn new stimulation techniques and tricks in bed, in order to conquer her boyfriend in bed. If you want to surprise your partner, find out how to drive a man crazy in bed.

How to drive a man crazy from the first hours of the day

A good day starts with a mind-boggling love affair. Find the best way to wake up your boyfriend just like Manchester escorts do with a hot oral sex. Gently lift his blouse and caress him with your breasts on his chest or back, depending on the position in which he sleeps. Give him a light massage, until you arouse his desire, which should not take too long. He will definitely appreciate the new way to wake him up from sleep and he will reward you accordingly.

Oral sex – an act that conquers many men

If your partner loves a good game of oral stimulation and you are happy to give it to him, then it is time to improve your skills in this regard. Here’s how you can capture him in a pleasant way!

Do not be afraid to moisten the male organ with saliva, because it promotes stimulation and, therefore, the act will be more exciting. Usually, women pay attention to the whole organ, but its tip is much more sensitive to touch, so it is good to focus on it. Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

When you think about how to drive a man crazy in bed, you definitely consider following the example of actresses in porn movies and swallowing cum. Don’t do this if you don’t want to, but you can let your partner ejaculate on your breasts or on your back.

How to drive a man crazy with whispers

Whispers have an interesting power of seduction, which you should take advantage of. They are a good way to start a love game. Tell him what you would like him to do to you or what you are thinking of doing to him. It’s an almost certain way to drive a man crazy in bed.

Don’t be afraid to spice up the moment with a few dirty words, especially if you know it excites him. It intertwines the power of whispers with the exciting play of language. Alternate with wet kisses on the neck.

Routine – the enemy of intimate activity

Many couples do not try more than 2-4 positions in a game and usually repeat the same ones each time. There are so many Kamasutra postures that it would be a shame not to experience as many together. Discover new things every time, don’t stay focused on the same things. Surprise him with romantic positions combined with some passionate ones.

The attitude spices any erotic moment

You don’t have to be an expert in bed to drive a man crazy, but to have the right attitude. If you are spontaneous and active, it will be much easier for you to satisfy your partner. On the other hand, if you are an introvert and have certain complexes, you will more than likely ruin the atmosphere in the bedroom. Enjoy more the sensations you experience and forget about all the problems that go through your head. The best thing you can do before a love affair is to clear your mind and detach yourself from everything.

Exteriorize yourself

You take the lead in the bedroom, don’t just let him be the dominant person. Transmit with the help of the body what you want. Comfort yourself, moan with pleasure and express everything you feel. The fact that you are so open in the bedroom will incite your boyfriend more than you imagine.

Put into practice everything you find most interesting and you think you would enjoy experimenting. Ideas on how to drive a man crazy in bed are not only a sensual challenge, but can also be a reward for you. After you increase your boyfriend’s sexual appetite, you will have more and more intense pleasure.


It would be ideal for the foreplay to start long before the sex game. For example, during a short break at the office, write him a bold message. Call him before he gets home and tell him what you want to do to him. What’s next? It will be difficult for him to not think about you all day, and you will have a date full of sensuality. In the evening, give free rein to your fantasies.

Accidental touches

Remember that the foreplay is not exclusively for women. A successful love session requires both partners to be present. Discreet touches are ideal to stimulate your imagination.

Although you are used to your boyfriend initiating such gestures, he will love to do it too! Touch his thighs or intimate area when you intersect or joke him over the bottom. There are a multitude of gestures that have the role of arousing his cravings.

Sensual movements

You can bar your shoulder or sit in his arms. Don’t forget the eye contact. It is extremely important. So look him in the eye with passion, bite your lips, and so on. All these gestures will set him on fire!

Kisses all over the body

Just as women are terribly aroused by being kissed by their partner, so men want to be kissed everywhere. Bite his earlobe in a playful way, kiss him on the neck, chest. Then lower yourself slightly and touch his genitals. With the lips! Men love this.

The lights are on

Are you worried that your breasts don’t look like they did when you were 20, and your abdomen isn’t as toned? Are you afraid of cellulite? Who do you think is noticing all this? Unfortunately, only you. Men do not pay attention to these details. Especially when they are excited. Relax! Leave the light on, be bold, natural. Be free to experience all your fantasies.


Ok, you don’t have to exaggerate or shock your neighbors. But men love moans and arousal sounds that women make during sex. In addition, he also knows that he is on the right track. If you are even more daring, go to the next level. Use sexual language, tell him what you like, how you like it, praise him for the way he stimulates your erogenous zones. Success will be guaranteed!


Yes, come up with something new! Most women are inhibited in the bedroom. Don’t be part of this category either. Forget the classic positions and propose a new position, which you have always wanted to try. Then explain exactly what you want them to do to you. All these words will excite him strongly.


Men get aroused when their partner knows what she wants in bed. Put your shyness aside and be open! While he is waiting for you in bed, you move lasciviously and come towards him. Play with his imagination and you will drive him crazy.


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