Tips to Buy Men and Women Products

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Getting to know men’s preferences and buying habits is crucial in the world of marketing. They prefer to get what they want and get out quickly. They prefer facts and figures to detailed descriptions. They also prefer personal communications and convenience stores. But this doesn’t mean that you should ignore men.

Men prefer facts and numbers over lengthy descriptions

Men tend to take a more logical approach to buying men’s and women’s products. They are more objective and like to see the facts rather than reading lengthy descriptions. They also value the sales process and efficient purchasing journey. As a result, men tend to stick to brands they’ve previously used. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more emotional and will often research products online.

Men prefer personalized communications

When buying men and women products, marketers need to remember that men respond more positively to personalized communications than women. While women are influenced by emotions and often buy based on a whim, men are more likely to make a sound decision. They also respond better to detailed product information and recommendations based on past purchases.

When shopping online, men are often goal-oriented, so make sure to highlight the “buy now” button or create a streamlined website. They also tend to spend more time researching the product pages than women, so make sure to make the site easy to navigate. Men also tend to be brand conscious, so make sure to customize messages to fit their needs.

Men prefer convenience stores

Men and women tend to shop differently at convenience stores. While men are more likely to buy lottery tickets, women are more likely to buy snacks and restroom supplies. Interestingly, the two groups spend different amounts of time at these stores. One study showed that women spend more time at c-stores than men do.

Convenience stores serve men differently than women, which can limit the profitability of stores. Men don’t like to compare prices and will pay more for a fast shopping experience. The key to attracting both genders is to offer products that are attractive to both sexes.

Despite their differences in preferences, convenience stores can still be a good place to buy men and women products. In addition to a wider variety of items, convenience stores serve a diverse cross-section of the population. While historically, convenience stores were predominantly visited by 15 to 24-year-old males, the trend is changing and now includes women. This shift can be attributed to the fact that women are more likely to multi-task while they shop than men. For example, the average c-store shopper passes 606 product category displays, averaging 0.3 seconds per display.

Men prefer shopping on their smart phones

A new study shows that men are more likely to use their smart phones to make purchases than women. In fact, men spend more money on these purchases than women. Men are also more likely to use mobile devices to make purchases of both men and women products. This finding has implications for both genders.

In the study, nearly half of American consumers surveyed said they would use their smart phones to make purchases. Men, meanwhile, were almost as interested as women were. In the UK, nearly half of men used their phones to shop for products. Women, on the other hand, preferred to look for online promotions or ask friends for advice when it came to making purchases.

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