Tips to Choose Right Colour for Your Windows and Doors

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Last updated on November 22nd, 2022 at 12:02 pm

Windows and doors are available in a vast range of colours. With a diverse variety of options, how do you choose the right colour for your home? Selecting the door and window colour for your house can be a tricky task. The colour scheme makes all the difference to the value and the kerb appeal of your house. 

As far as the colour option for your doors and windows are concerned, it is advised not to follow trends as they will be a part of your property for several years down the lane. So, going for timeless, evergreen colours is a good practice. The colour that you choose should stand the test of time and outlive the trends. While choosing the right colour palette for your windows and doors, you need to consider a few points. Here are a few key points that need your attention in the process. 

The Architectural Style of Your Property

Every house has an architectural design or style that makes it unique. Selecting windows that suit the design aesthetics is very important while choosing window colours. Is your property traditional or contemporary? Windows and doors in classic colours look good for traditional homes, while you can choose anything from subtle to bold for a modern house. 

Consider the Landscaping and Property Exterior

Select double glazed windows and doors in colours that blend well with the landscaping around your house and the exterior of the property. The colours of the exterior will be the natural beginning point for choosing a colour palette for the doors and windows. For instance, you need to consider the colour of the building materials like brick, stone or roof. Also, go for colours that go well with your garden hose or landscape colours. Using windows and doors of the same colour can help in tying the entire look together. 

Take Your Individual Taste into Consideration

Any door or window colour that you select has to reflect your personality. It also depends on the feel that you get with different colours. For example, natural colours are comforting and rustic. Grey is a classic and evergreen colour for aluminium doors. Yellow coloured doors and windows are welcoming, warm and exude positivity. 

Remember that the colour that is on the exterior of the doors or windows need not necessarily be the same as that of the interior colour of doors and windows. So, you can select a different colour for the exterior and the interior of your house while the exterior colour can complement the outside. 

Use Bold Colours Wisely

Always select a neutral colour for your doors and windows. If you are a fan of bold hues, consider using it on walls because it is easier to change the paint colour on the wall rather than windows and doors. If you are selecting bright hues, remember that they look very bright in natural light than inside your house. When selecting a colour for the exterior of your windows and doors, ensure to check how it looks in broad daylight outside. 

Take into Account the Neighbouring Properties

While choosing a colour for doors and windows, you also need to consider going for those colours that don’t clash with other properties in the vicinity. You can even consider checking the other houses in your neighbourhood for inspiration. Every homeowner would want his property to be outstanding. At the same time, it shouldn’t look like the house is not a part of the vicinity due to its weird door and window colours or designs. Choose colours that are in harmony with the other properties in the neighbourhood. 

Choosing the Right Colour for the Doors and Windows of Your House

Understanding the vibe that each colour gives can help you make a wise choice of colour for your property’s doors and windows. Here are a few colour options for your doors and windows and what feel each gives. 

  • Subdued or dark colours can give a feel of the door or window frame disappearing into the glass, leading to a flat, smooth look. 
  • A shiny finish can make the windows and doors appear more distinct and darker, while a matte finish can make them look more subtle and lighter. 
  • Lighter shades can highlight the door or window unit, resulting in a contrasting feel. 
  • A bold colour works best when it is balanced by a serene facade, making sure that the property doesn’t look very colourful. 
  • A dark window frame or door on a light facade results in a character and contrast, leading to an eye-catching architectural asset. 
  • Darker shades of green, blue and plum are safe bets for making a design statement. Another safe bet is anthracite grey, which is a popular colour that goes well with a majority of the building materials. It will look timeless and subtle, while complementing most of the property styles.

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