Tips to Pick the Best Abu Dhabi Indian School for Your Child

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Every parent wants the best for their child, and finding the right school for your kid is just another step to ensure a bright future ahead.

An Abu Dhabi Indian School, Muroor, might be a good choice for your kid. But with so many schools for kids opening up every day, it becomes difficult to find the best one for your kid.

Read this post to pick the best Abu Dhabi Indian school for your kiddo.

Check Out the Curriculum as well as Co-curricular Activities

The curriculum followed at the nursery school will influence the career trajectory of your child. It will also impact what subjects your kid becomes willing to study as part of their higher education. A well-developed curriculum will ensure the holistic growth of your child.

While the curriculum offering is essential to consider, you also need to find out about the co-curricular activities. The co-curricular activities will contribute to the personality development of your child.

Co-curricular activities can include sports, performing arts, hobby classes, and art and craft. All these activities will enrich the cognitive skills of your child.

A curriculum that is solely focused on academics might hinder the development of critical skills in your child. A blend of academics with co-curricular activities will help your child develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and other essential life skills.

Therefore, go to the website of the school and know in detail about the curricular and co-curricular activities.

Talk to Parents at the Abu Dhabi Indian School in Muroor

The staff at the school will always appreciate everything about the school. But if you want an honest review about the school, talk to the parents of students at the school.

The parents will tell you if they are satisfied with their child’s growth and development in the school. You will be able to learn about the quality of education offered at the Abu Dhabi Indian School in Muroor.

You should ask if the teachers pay attention to the specific needs of the students. You also need to find out whether the staff at the school is responsive. The involvement of parents in the operations of the school is also an essential factor to consider. Ask as many relevant questions as possible to the parents of the students at the school to know everything.

Student-Teacher Ratio at the Nursery School

A pivotal factor to consider while choosing the best school for your child is to find out the student-teacher ratio. A small classroom size will prove to be more effective for your child’s learning.

A low student-teacher ratio at the nursery school is conducive for your kid’s development. It will ensure that your kid can take part in discussions and express their opinions in the classroom.

Small class sizes will also enhance teaching and produce better learning outcomes. Each child can get individualized attention when there are fewer students in class.

The teachers will be able to tailor their instructions as per the needs of every student. If necessary, they can allocate more resources to struggling students. Small class size makes it easier for the teacher to track each student’s progress.

Consider the Needs of Your Kid

One crucial point to remember while choosing the best school is the needs and interests of your child. You should figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your child before beginning your search for the best school.

The hobbies and interests of your child should get nurtured at the school in which you are admitting them. If your child has any special learning needs, the school should be able to meet those requirements.

Core Values of the Nursery School

Before getting your child admitted to the school, you need to figure out the philosophy of the school. Sit down with the founders of the school to determine their approach towards educating your child. Academic excellence should be their priority, but it should not be the sole priority. The school should offer the children ample opportunities to flourish in areas like sports and art.

Visit the School

Lastly, you should physically visit the nursery school to determine whether it will be a good place for your kids. You should check out the infrastructure and determine whether the school has all the facilities to offer a comfortable learning environment to your kids.

Check out the washrooms, library, playground, and every corner of the school. The premises should be well-maintained so that your child finds a healthy environment for learning.

Ending Note

Every parent wants their kids to have a glowing future. Finding an appropriate nursery school is the first step to ensure that. Follow the tips and tricks in this article and get your kids admitted to the best school.



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