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Rummy is a popular card game in India. It generally consists of. A real rummy cash game ensures you to award cash prizes if you win. The goal of Rummy is to build sets or sequences (pure and impure) out of one or two decks with 1-2 printed jokers and announce the game before your opponent. To construct these sets, each player selects and discards from a pile. Rummy has several versions, each with its unique set of rules.

Pure Sequence

to win the game, a player must have to obtain a pure sequence i.e., the run of three cards of a particular suite. Without this arrangement, a player is not eligible to declare the game. All the other tips to play rummy should be followed after this step only.

Save Jokers

Joker cards increase the probability of your win. You should be carefull while disposing joker cards and should restrict yourself from disposing of this card. You can even collect more joker if you have a printed joker. These joker cards will help you to make different sequences. Thus your chances of win will increase.

Be Aware of Pattern 

Before getting into the game, you should know the rules of the rummy sequence. It may be the sequence of 3 or 4 in your game.

Sort cards Effectively

To win the game, you have to sort your cards effectively, based on suites.

Fast Sequencing

After sorting, you must look for mking a pure sequence. For this, you have to pick up cards fast that are matching your pure sequence. 

Dispose fast

To win in rummy, you should not hold your cards long, waiting for the right one. This may make it difficult to make other possible sets & sequences.

Drop Out when you need

Even if you are losing, drop out as soon as possible without waiting for the better chance to avoid a bigger penalty. Just for example, if you donot have the pure sequence in opening draw, and the probability of forming a new one is less, it will be better to drop off and pay -20 penalty. Otherwise, you will have to pay -40 penalty, after playing first hand.

Remember Diposed Cards

Always remember your discarded cards so that you do not pick similar cards again. Thus you will be able to make different sets or sequences.

Keep an eye on Your Opponent 

You have to carefully watch the moves done by your opponent to guess the upcoming game. Once you will get the strategy of your opponent, it will be easy for you to win that game. You will also be able to learn tricks of this game by watching your opponent.


If your opponent is confused or distracted, it’s the best time to trap them. You should hold onto two-similar cards and you will finish the sequences. Once you have formed a sequence, discard other cards. That’s how you can win rummy.

These are the tips which you can follow to win the game of rummy. You have to keep these tricks in mind when you are sitting for your next game and you will surely come out with flying colours.

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