Tips to Score Better in Science in Secondary School

Secondary School
Secondary School

As children start secondary school, science can become increasingly difficult to study. The subject starts to include a lot more topics and a lot more theoretical knowledge. Children from the best school in Pune may also find it difficult to study this subject, as it requires a lot of practice and understanding.

Without proper guidance, your child may find it difficult to study science, and they may not score very well in the subject. But if you encourage them to follow these tips mentioned below, they can become better at studying this difficult subject and start getting better scores.

Tips to study Science for secondary school students.

1. Write by hand in secondary school

Reading is important for learning about a topic, but writing helps retain the information. Writing by hand will allow the person more time to understand each word, and it will help them think more around the topic. So, your child should practice writing about each topic after reading it for better recall of information.

Writing down short notes, flowcharts, and definitions after a class is a great way to remember the lesson for a long time.

2. Speak out loud

Similar to writing, speaking aloud also helps a person retain information better. Advise your child to read out their notes loud while studying independently. It will help them memorize better.

If your child records their answers to difficult questions and listens to the recording, it can help them understand where they have missed important information.

3. Self-assessment

Self-examination is a great way to improve in any subject, including science. Your child should not wait for assessments from school; instead, they should constantly test themselves during independent study during secondary school.

Your child should find a variety of questions related to the topic at hand, and then they should try to answer the questions on their own. It will help them prepare for actual assessments.

Checking and marking their own answers is also important. They can see where they need improvement and which answers they can improve as they go through their answers.

4. The best school in Pune will help you

Schools in Pune have some of the best teachers, so when your child faces difficulty in the subject, the teachers can help them. Please encourage your child to ask their teacher about the specific sections they are having trouble with. The teachers can help your child understand the point in-depth.

5. Focus on the mathematical side

The subject of science includes a lot of mathematical calculations and equations. Understanding them is a major part of learning science, so they need to focus on mathematics to excel in science.


The best schools in Pune always teach children the correct way to use mathematics in science subjects. But if they are facing difficulties in understanding them, it is helpful to look at the examples then try each mathematical calculation on their own. It will help them understand the mathematical side of science more deeply.

To conclude

Science is a difficult subject, as it covers a vast scope of topics, theories, and calculations. The best schools in Pune will help your child understand science quite well.

But if they are still struggling with the subject, then these tips can help them get better at it.

When your child follows these tips during their independent study at home, they can start to score better in school.

If your child wants to further their studies in science, it is very important to score well in the subject in school. That is why you should choose the best secondary school in Pune, GIIS Pune, can be one of the ideal schools for your child, where they can get the best guidance for a bright future.

Jyoti Arora

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