Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Web Development

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Web development is a quite challenging job. This is because a developer needs to understand every single aspect of the client’s business. After analyzing all the aspects the developer needs to make the website in such a way that it expresses all the approaches of the business optimally.

Hence, some general practices should be maintained while making websites apart from the customisations. The discussion is as follows.

Website Development: Do’s and Don’ts

Web designs should be catchy and user-friendly. With great software, one can make websites easily. However, web developers should maintain some practices to add that expert touch to their work.

Do’s: The following practices should be followed by every developer,

  1. Easy Navigation

Google is continuously updating itself with the aspect of better UX. Hence, web developers should put easy navigation in the websites. This will please the users and enhance the dwell time of a website.

  1. Consistency in Interface

Another way to achieve better UX is to make a website with a consistent interface. This denotes the parity in the color scheme, theme, and content of the website. The more organized this interface is, the more satisfaction it can give to the users.

  1. Easy Scanning of the Pages

Sometimes the audience comes to a website not to read the full page but rather a portion of it. Therefore, web designers should design the pages according to the importance of the elements. In addition, they should also present the visual weight and reduce chunky paragraphs for the ease of the users.

  1. Planning

To make a website perform optimally, web developers should plan accordingly. Apart from the technical planning it also includes budget planning for the different types of website audits. The website development company in Maryland is renownedfor doing this planning effectively.

  1. Optimization

Optimizing websites by maintaining proper SEO guidelines is also necessary for web developers. This is because an optimized website is potent for helping a business rank better on SERP.

Don’ts: However, certain practices should be avoided by web developers. These are,

  1. No Large Images

A website should load very fast to attract users. Hence, using large images will tremendously reduce a website’s page load speed. Therefore, web developers should consider compressed images for the websites.

  1. No Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a spam practice for website developers. It adds no value to the web content but rather causes drinking on SERP. Therefore, keywords should be chosen very carefully and spread throughout the content maintaining proper density.

  1. No Skipping Website Audit

A website audit is important to retain the integrity of a website. Therefore, skipping it can cause troubleshooting. A website audit is quite a cost-effective and affordable IT service provider in Baltimore, Maryland can perform it with great expertise.


Thus, beginner web developers should consider these do’s and don’ts at the outset of their career to gain maximum client satisfaction. However, in the first place, most importantly, they should focus on maintaining a website’s interface to attract the audience.

Ritam Dalui

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