Top 3 Free Converters for Image to Text

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Are you looking for the best image to text converter? Are you in need of converting the image to text? There are different qualities you need to look for in an image to text converter. If you’re in search of the best photo to text converter of 2022, you are at the right place. We are presenting the best image to text online converter, to get a better understanding of the best 2022 converter. 

It is better to understand the pros and cons of all the image to text converter. The other thing which is best about this article, is it specifies special tools according to your specific requirements. The requirements of different users and companies are different. When they are able to know the pros and cons of a converter, they can choose the best tool according to their specific requirements to extract text from image. To convert image to text, it is essential to choose the tools which fit your personal requirements.

Now we are presenting the best 3 tools of image to text converter of 2022. These tools are selected due to their demands around the world.


The pdf is one of the best extract text from image converters you can imagine. It has one of the best UI/UX and is The HiPDF is one of the best extract text from image converters you can imagine. It has one of the best UI/UX and is excellent for the users. The simple and easy UI/UX  has no complications and you can understand all the functionality easily. You can access the HiPDF from the cloud drive and you can upload your file to oneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. It keeps your data secure and you can use it after years. It has amazing features like the Batch conversion and OCR. The HiPDF has some excessive utilization with some payment and you can access all the applications after some payments. The other thing which is essential to know is that it has a limit of conversion of size, a file excessive of certain size can’t be converted by the HiPDF image to text converter.

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The Smallpdf image to text converter is easy to use the tool and the best of UI/UX. When we send a file via email it automatically compresses the file and makes it easy to transport. It allows you to open the Gmail files directly, and it helps to send your converted files directly from one person to another. The Smallpdf can’t support all the formats and some of the tools are missing in the SmallPDF image to text converter. It is going to provide all the necessary features after some payment. It is best if you need to convert all the knowledge for conversions and extract text from image.


The PDFSimpli has a simple UI/UX and is easy to use for any user. It also allows you to convert the existing documents to extract text from imaget. It also allows you to create the forms for the users and allow signing in to your contract online. You can edit your documents online when you are using the PDFSimpli. The tool has the limited conversion of photos to text of limited format. It does not all the necessary features as it has limited conversion and you can simply be able to convert a handful of formats to image to text,


The image to text converter is specifically designed for a special purpose, but we have presented the best 3 tools in 2022. These tools have the best features and choose the best tools according to your personal requirements. These tools are changing the shape of the business environment.

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