Top 3 Reasons Why Dakimakura is Good for Your Physical & Mental Health

Dakimakura is a type of large body pillow. It is a well-known pillow in Japan. This type of pillow comes with plush materials and comfortable fabric. Dakimakura is also a body pillow. But it is not like other body pillows. There are a few differences between them. The main difference is the prints of anime characters. These days, anime characters are in trend. But you can have an image from your favorite video games too. You can also customize it with a photo of your dearest person. It will give you emotional support when you sleep with it.

Variations in Size and Designs

Different shapes and sizes of dakimakura are available in the market. The variation of size and design leaves an impact on your health conditions. Dakimakura has two different styles. Some of them have pictures printed on the pillow covers. Others have the designs printed on the pillow itself. Dakimakura is the same as a body pillow. But it comes in particular dimensions. Usually, they are 45 to 50 cm in width. Length can vary from 150 to 160 cm. Customization of the size is possible according to customer demand. The most popular design of dakimakura is anime characters. Customer love to hug the image of their favorite characters printed on the pillow.

How Dakimura Helps in Physical Health

A dakimakura can help with your physical health conditions. It can be a great support to the body. Three reasons why dakimakura is good for your health are as follows.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Hugging a person releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone helps to build trust between two people. In the same way, hugging a body pillow can calm you down. It can improve your blood circulation. This is how it can lower your blood pressure.

Reducing Back Pains

Using dakimakura you can get relief from back pain. Sleeping with a body pillow can give you body support. It helps you to sleep in a comfortable position.

Aiding Spine Alignment

A dakimakura is a good choice for side sleepers. It can help you to align your spine. It also gives you extra support for your lower back.

How Dakimakura Aids Mental Health

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. You can not get a good sleep without your mental peace. Lacking good sleep can cause poor physical health. Dakimakura can improve your mental health in the following ways.

By Giving Comfort

The soft and firm pillows are warm and easy to hug. You can rest your head, shoulder, or legs on this pillow. The bright colors and customizable anime character prints make it lovely. It can be a suitable alternative to your favorite partner to cuddle. It can help you to calm down. You get extra comfort after a long day by using it.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

After a tiring day, a dakimakura can be the perfect solution. It will relieve your stress. Sleeping with dakimakura helps you to relax your muscles. The soft and comfy texture of the pillow is a source of joy. This peace of mind helps your body and soul to calm down. Dakimakura can reduce your stress and anxiety.

Providing Sound Sleep

A good night’s sleep is always important for both your mental and physical health. Sleeping with dakimakura gives you a comfortable position and support. The warmth of a body pillow calms your restless mind down. That is how you can have a deep sleep.

Selecting the Perfect Dakimakura

Before buying a dakimakura, you should decide a few things first. You must know what size and design you want. The firmness of the dakimakura depends on its weight and size. But a light pillow is always easier to lift and move during sleepy nights.

You can select your favorite anime character prints. You can choose the picture printed on both or only one side of the pillow. There are many websites available to buy this body pillow. You can customize it there according to your choice. 


Everyone wants comfort and peace of mind. When it comes to comfort during sleep, dakimakura can be the best option. The popularity of anime in the world is huge. This fame is increasing the demand for dakimakura. They are warm and relaxing for all. It can be a pleasant addition to your comfy bedroom. It can remove your boredom. You can recharge yourself and have mental satisfaction. It is never too late to buy a dakimakura. Get yourself one for your better health.

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