Top 4 Lake Treks In India

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Clear, pure, and sparkling Himalayan lakes reflect the stunning beauty around them. As the water’s surface floats, they are reflected by the imposing peaks. As the sun sets, the sky turns inky blue and the stars rise, the lakes show the incredible beauty of the cosmos. The ocean below is filled with thousands of sparkling specks. Bhrigu Lake Trek is also available.

Alpine lakes, whether they are nestled amid towering mountains, or seen from far as a droplet of brilliant blue in meadow green, never fail us to stop and take our breath away.

Alpine lakes can be found at elevations above 10,000 feet, where they are fed almost exclusively by glaciers.

We asked our most experienced trek leaders to recommend their top picks and they all became poets.

Kedartal Lake

Kedar Tal, a glacial lake at 4,750m above sea level in India’s Garhwal Himalayan Region, is located in India. The melting snow of Thalaysagar, Brighupanth, and Brighupanth makes it one of the most stunning lakes in the world. The splendor of peaks like Gangotri, Gangotri, Manda, and Bhagirathi is so amazing that one can hardly believe it.

This trek is seven days long and more isolated than other treks. Because of the steepness and number of boulders, it is very dangerous. The path is surrounded by lush, vibrant meadows. Experienced hikers prefer this route.

As you read, you’ll see that many lakes made it onto our list due to the beauty of their surroundings and the colors in their water.

It is distinguished by the difficult journey to Kedartal Lake. At 15,485 feet elevation, the lake is protected by some of the most majestic peaks in India, such as Mt Thalaysagar and Mt Gangotri.

You can also do the Har ki Dun trek.

The trek to Kedartal Lake is not for the weak of the heart. It involves steep ascents and descends at elevations between 11,000 and 16,000 feet.

If you want to see a frozen lake, visit between the middle of May and the end of June. Mid-September to October is the best time to visit for clear views and glassy lakes.

Lake Gadsar

Our trek leaders suggested including Gadsar Lake on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. This trek is widely considered to be India’s most beautiful. The lake was mentioned on Day 4 of our KGL trek as a favorite for many reasons including its beautiful setting, brilliantly colored water, and the legends surrounding it.

Enter the Gadsar Valley after passing through the Gadsar Pass. This beautiful lake is surrounded by tall mountains after you have crossed the valley for about 4-5 km. From a distance, the valley looks like yellow grass. Close inspection reveals that they are yellow flowers.

Gadsar Lake is often called “Demons Lake” by locals. You will find yourself drawn in if you approach it too closely. A lake is a dangerous place. This only adds to the mystery of the lake.

Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek

Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek is India’s most beautiful hike. This title is not given casually. Tarsar marsar lake trek is especially true when the challenging Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek has been included.

Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek is an alternative. It’s a trek to an Alpine lake. These emerald-blue snow-fed lakes can be accessed from your campsite. (KGL does not offer this). You might be surprised at how far these campsites are from the nearest campsite (which is an advantage in today’s trekking situation). You can walk around Tarsar marsar trek or Sundersar’s entire perimeter and get multiple views of the lake.

Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek distance is 47 Km long and tarsar marsar trek altitude is 13,400ft. 

Tarsar marsar trek difficulty level is normal to moderate. 

Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek is, however, almost always obscured by clouds. The 600-700 feet overhang can allow you to see the lake. Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek is a great spot to admire the lake as it rises above. The process will continue until the clouds settle over the Tarsar marsar lake trek from the U-shaped valley. In a flash, the lake disappears from your view!

Tarsar Marsar Trek takes you deep into Kashmir. From Aru’s small village to the Lidderwat forests. From the Shekhawas’ rolling green mountains to the huge alpine lakes.

Prashar Lake

It is the Kullu Valley’s hidden treasure, located at 2713m above sea level and surrounded by the Dhauladhar mountains. It is surrounded by water-loving trees, rills, and other vegetation. Two other prominent mountains in the region are Pir Panjal and Kannar.

Beautiful Himalayan architecture can be seen throughout the lake, including the temple of Prashar Rishi in the middle. The trip takes only one day. This trek is remarkable because you can choose your starting point. When there is snow, January and February are the best months to travel.

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