Top 4 Sites to learn Free Freelancing Courses in Pakistan

Do you want to learn to freelance? That’s a good decision! But here’s you’ve got to find the best freelancing tutor who must have updated knowledge and experience in the Freelancing field. So, how can you find the best freelancing course in Pakistan? There are a lot of websites which are offering Free Freelancing courses online, but most of them don’t meet the demand for a beginner to become a successful Freelancer.

Where can I learn Free Freelancing courses online in Pakistan?

So, if you are also a beginner and want to learn freelancing from A to Z, stay here! We will tell you where you can learn to freelance for free. And which is the best website to learn freelancing courses in Pakistan free. So, stick with me here, and read the thorough article for a complete guide on the sources of freelance methods.

Top 4 websites for Free Online Freelancing Courses

Here are the best websites where you can start your learning journey to become a successful freelancer. Have a look, please!

1.   Digiskills – Free Freelancing Courses

The DigiSkills website is Pakistan’s online learning website offering 10+ free online freelancing courses. Its goal is to equip young people with marketable skills that will allow them to find work as freelancers. It is comprised of a variety of online courses that focus on the development of specific skills. The fact that the curriculum for this program has been developed exclusively for the unemployed Pakistani youth community in the Urdu language is one of the most distinctive characteristics of this program.


  • Experienced tutors
  • Video-based lectures
  • Discussion board on the Website
  • Need login every time
  • Interactive Videos
  • Free of Cost Courses with a free certificate


  • Long Duration Courses
  • 200+ videos for each course
  • No live discussion with the tutor

2.   Freelance Working Institute (FWI)

The Freelance Working Institute (FWI) is a highly organized platform, making it ideal for acquiring skills related to freelancing. FWI has been operating in LMS for over ten years, earning a well-known name in teaching online freelancing courses in Urdu to Pakistani students while providing them with free certifications and receiving praise for the flawless and high-class liturgy.

In addition, they have specialists and lecturers who have received certification to provide you with a more positive experience of freelancing. They make it possible for you to advance in your job and make it possible for you to realize your ambitions of being a successful businessman. FWI allows you to differentiate yourself monetarily and get a head start earning money with their well-known online courses.


  • Video-Based Lecture
  • Lifetime Access
  • Time Flexibility
  • No need to wait for Registration Dates
  • Highly Skilled and Experienced Teachers
  • Interactive Lectures and Assessment System
  • Learn 15+ online Freelancing Skills with a free certificate
  • Both Free and Paid Courses
  • Live Discussion on both website and WhatsApp


  • Need to Login for taking lectures every time.
  • You need to wait for Registration for some courses.

3.   Khan Academy

A personalized educational resource suitable for students of all ages. Learners can study independently at home due to instructional video lectures and customized student dashboards that Khan Academy provides. This website covers topics ranging from mathematics and physics to computing and studying history, art history, economics, and other online courses. They have honored enabling many students to research freelancing and anything else for which they set their minds


  • Video-Based Lecture
  • Interactive Videos
  • Qualified online teachers
  • Other free online courses than Free freelancing courses
  • Time Flexibility
  • Free freelancing course with a certificate


  • Not any live discussion
  • No Schedule learning (just start taking courses by yourself)
  • Less focused on Practical Work

4.   Skillshare

Skillshare is a virtual education community that offers hundreds of programs to those who are creative and interested. Some of the areas covered in these classes include illustration, design, photography, multimedia, and freelancing. Members of Skillshare join together to share ideas, learn from one another, and advance in their creative pursuits using the platform.

Skillshare offers hundreds of classes in various topics, including but not limited to graphic design, cooking, productivity, videography, content production, graphic design, marketing, crafts, entertainment, social media, and business. On Skillshare, you can get lessons on just about anything creative you can think of.


  • Free online Freelancing Courses
  • Video-Based Lectures
  • No need to wait for registrations
  • Start your course at any time.
  • Timing Flexibility
  • Skilled tutors
  • Customer Support


  • No Scheduled online classes (Start Taking courses by yourself)
  • No live lecture discussion with the tutor
  • Less Focused on Practical Work & assessment systems.

Which Freelancing Course is best for Beginners

All freelancing courses online have their scope in their fields, but we don’t want to confuse you in choosing the right freelancing skill. That’s why we have made a freelancing courses list and analyzed every course deeply with data resources and with experienced freelancers’ suggestions. In the end, we conclude that theContent Writing Courseis the perfect one for starting freelancing. Because we know every business needs content to rank, promote, and brand awareness. That’s why you can quickly get content writing jobs on different freelancing platforms.

Our Top Pick: Best Site to learn Free Freelancing Courses

Moreover, If you want to learn any freelancing course properly, you can choose any of the above four freelancing websites to learn this course. But we recommend you retain this free freelancing course with a free certificate from Freelance Working Institute (FWI). Why? Because this freelance institute focuses on practical work and lets students interact with the online teacher directly on Whatsapp. FWI guarantees you to become an expert freelancer at the end of the course. Plus, FWI provides marketing and freelancing jobs to FWI students after completing the course.

Wrap Up:

In the end, you’ve five options to choose your source to learn free freelancing courses. Visit all sites and find the best place to learn a freelancing system free of your choice. Some websites that we’ve not included in my list just because they allow freelancing courses free download to their students. If we suggest, Freelance Working Institute is the best website to learn freelance methods online in Pakistan. Join now and become an expert freelancer.

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