Top 4 tips for promoting your kickboxing classes

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Martial arts have been around for a long time and since then have evolved into numerous sub-types and disciplines. Kickboxing is one such discipline that involves both punching and kicking opponents. Not only is it a great workout, but also can teach self-defense to the person learning and practicing it. 

As a kickboxing instructor, you want to ensure that you attract the maximum number of people possible to attend your classes and teach them to effectively kickbox. To do so, you will need to market yourself properly and effectively. Here are some of the ways you can do so.

Email Marketing

Contrary to what you may think, email marketing is an excellent way to promote your brand and regularly keep your list engaged. It is low-cost, can be automated, and has a high ROI. For your kickboxing classes, create a list of your students and send them emails to engage them. To help you in this regard, you may use an email maker, like PosterMyWall. You can get access to hundreds of free email templates that will make designing an email for this purpose a piece of cake. 

You may offer special deals and discounts to people on your subscriber list to incentivize people to sign up for it. Since it is the new year, many people will make resolutions to get fit and learn martial arts. Use this opportunity to offer new year’s deals to people on your subscriber list. 

Referral Programs

Referrals are an excellent way to promote your kickboxing classes and bring more people to register for them. If used correctly, it can easily double your current memberships. The exact program will vary from class to class, but the meat and potatoes of a referral program are essentially the same. 

You may offer a discount to students if they can refer your kickboxing class to a friend or a family member. You may also incentivize the referred person as well. Something like a 25% discount off monthly fees for X amount of months if they can refer a person, etc. As long as there is a reason for them to do so, the program will be effective.

Social Media Posting

Social media is a powerful but inexpensive marketing tool with the potential to reach millions if utilized correctly. Most of the internet traffic these days comes from social media which makes it an excellent medium to promote your kickboxing studio. It is better that you choose two or three social media platforms rather than promote your studio everywhere. Instagram is best to show what your classes are like using pictures and short videos and you can automatically crosspost on Facebook as well. 

You may also create kickboxing posters to share on social media as well which you can do so easily with PosterMyWall. You must give your audience the necessary details of your classes, such as different kinds of classes, price, location, etc. Since it is the new year, you may also use this chance to promote any special new year’s offers you may have going on as well.

In the example below, this kickboxing studio has done just that, giving its members one month free if they sign up for six months. You don’t need to do this exactly as they have done, but something along these lines can work for you.

Top Quality Instructors

When people sign up for your classes, they want to be sure that they are learning from the best. Someone who has mastered the art and maybe has some titles to their name as well, someone with experience basically. This is important and can be used to bring students in to sign up for your classes. When people see they can learn from a top-quality instructor, they will be likely to sign up.

Screen your instructors carefully and ensure you have the best to offer. You may then add their names and qualification to your promotional materials and then share it over different mediums. Doing so will inform your potential students that they can learn from the best and will want to sign up as a result. The more accomplished instructors you have, the better chance of attracting a wide student base.

No matter how big your studio is or what kind of martial art you specialize in and offer, the ultimate goal for your class is for it to thrive and grow. As listed above, there are many things you can do to ensure that it does so. From incentivizing your students to refer others to reach out to doubling your social media reach, you can employ a plethora of marketing strategies to ensure you have the edge that will attract your students to your class and attend them.


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