Top 5 amazing camping sites near Pune

Friday evenings are a welcome break from the monotonous lives we’ve grown used to. All of us have thought about quitting our jobs to move somewhere more peaceful and tranquil. We could either live in a wooden cabin by the riverside, or pitch a tent and gaze at the stars all night. This seems like a dream.

It can be a quick task, especially if you are staying in Pune. Because the city lies between the magnificent Sahyadris and the stunning plateau, there are many options to explore. Camping near Pune is a popular activity and leisure option in the Pune region.

Today I’m going to give you some recommendations on the most worthy and beautiful camping spots near Pune.


These two towns in the highlands are some of the best. You can drive to it in about two hours from Pune, which lies approximately 70 km away. It is a pleasant drive that is beautiful. These locations have something for everyone, which is the best thing about them. This is a great spot for a family picnic. You will find everything here, from luxury accommodations to adventure resorts and camping, to luxurious accommodation.

It’s easily accessible and is open year-round, making it very popular. It is always crowded on weekends, even though it is best to visit during the winter or rainy season. Lonavala Khandala is a must-see destination! Grab your belongings, and you’re good to go.

Rajmachi camping:

It is approximately 16 kms between Rajmachi Fort (Lonavala) and Rajmachi Fort. This is a popular spot for trekking and camping. It is easy to climb up the mountain, making it popular with beginners and those who don’t need a lot of excitement.

You can either pitch your tent at the top or pay a small fee to stay in one the villager’s cottages. You will be served delicious Maharashtrian food by the kind and helpful natives.

Other seasonal highlights include seeing fireflies before the monsoon begins and visiting Kataldhar waterfall in the monsoon. It’s best to go on a trek in winter or rainy season, as summers can be too hot and difficult.

Kaas plateau:

Maharashtra is proud to have a Valley of Flowers for itself! It makes sense, right? It is located 136 km from Pune and makes it feel like you are in paradise. Kaas is a great place to visit for families and those who love photography. The best time to visit this location is between September and November. There are approximately 850 flower species found here, as well as several hiking trails. Instead of staying in one of the camps, you can set up your own tent. It was once a secret location, but tourists now visit the area to see the blooms and go hiking.

Velhe Camping:

Velhe is a small village close to nature and 50 km from Pune. Set up your own campsite or choose from one of the existing campgrounds. This will allow you to have a deep soul-cleansing experience.

You will learn how to build a tent and enjoy sports such as cricket, football, and archery.

The best time to camp in Velhe is during the monsoon and winter seasons. However, campgrounds are available all year.

If you are an adventurer, you have the option of hiking the Torna Fort which is only five kilometres away from the settlement. It has a rich history. Shivaji Maharaj the legendary Maratha warrior bought it as one his first forts.

Camping in Bhor

Bhor, a remote but stunning location near Pune is a great option. It is only an hour and a quarter drive from Pune and can be reached in 55 kms. It’s a perfect spot that’s not too far from the city.

It is a perfect location, away from the hustle and bustle and with fresh air to recharge you for the week ahead. Surprisingly many Bollywood films and Marathi TV shows have used these locations for filming.

Outdoor sports such as cricket, football and volleyball are available. You can also enjoy a delicious barbecue in the campground at your leisure.


If you were planning to camp near Pune, you would most likely have chosen the places mentioned above. You will never regret this decision and will have a great time camping.

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