Top 5 Animation Series on Amazon Prime 


At the point when most fans contemplate where to watch anime, Amazon Prime probably won’t be the primary spot that rings a bell. Be that as it may, as of late, Amazon has chosen to put resources into anime, knowing how much cash is in the business, and guarantee an on their streaming stage to draw in possible watchers.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth is one of the most interesting isekai series out there, mixing together customary isekai figures of speech with components of shojo and magical young ladies. The series isn’t accessible on any commonplace anime web-based features, so Amazon Prime is one of a handful of the spots fans can track down this dearest ’90s exemplary.

The series revolves around three little kids who are gathered to a magical land called Cephiro, where they should turn into the Unbelievable Magic Knights. Together, they should figure out how to utilize their newly discovered magic and save Princess Emeraude from the grip of Zagato before Cephiro is ill-fated until the end of time.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Amazon Prime has a great index of old-school anime top picks for fans to browse. Among these is the darling ’90s exemplary, Great Teacher Onizuka. The story is based on Eikichi Onizuka, presumably one of the most impossible teachers ever. As an ex-delinquent, Onizuka is the last individual anybody would hope to find in a homeroom.

He’s inconsiderate, rough, sluggish, and spurred by ladies. Yet, notwithstanding everything, he makes one amazing teacher, for reasons unknown. Because of his intense foundation, Onizuka is geared up for whatever his class tosses at him. In return, he helps them through their concerns, giving them the truly necessary help they’ve yearned for from the start.


So when could Invulnerable season 2 elegance our screens? We don’t anticipate that it should make a big appearance on Prime Video until mid 2023. There’s a ton of work that goes into energized shows in this way, while season 2’s discourse might be finished, almost certainly, improvement actually has a viable approach.


Kokkoku: Second by Second appeared in Summer 2018 on Amazon Prime, where they streamed the series solely around the world. It was energized by Geno Studio, the studio that enlivened Brilliant Kamuy, and was composed by Seita Horio. The series finished in 2014.

The story follows Juri Yukawa, a naughty lady, who has bombed 19 prospective employee meetings in succession and is battling to remain cheery. At the point when her sibling and nephew are captured by a clique called Certified Love Society, she finds her granddad can stop time utilizing a puzzling stone that permits them to enter a world called Balance where time stops.


Dororo appeared in Winter 2019 on Amazon Prime. It was composed by the late Osamu Tezuka in the last part of the 1960s. It got a revamp in 2019 which was energized by MAPPA. The transformation leaves from a portion of the source material, yet the reason continues as before.

At the point when samurai master Daigo Kagemitsu offers his infant child to make a settlement with devils to save his perishing land, his cost is weighty. The kid is brought into the world without any appendages and quickly disposed of in a stream by a worker. In any case, he is saved by a man who gives him prosthetics and the name Hyakkimaru, to which he starts his chase after the devils who took his body parts alongside a youthful criminal named Dororo.

Wilium Jwm

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