Top 5 Ideas To Keep Your Ceiling Fan Clean & Neat

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Overall, house hygiene encompasses not only furniture but fans as well! Being at a certain height, ceiling fans acquire dust and dirt easily, which becomes visible over time and can also fall off when the fan rotates. Cleaning your ceiling fan on a regular basis is just as important as cleaning your furniture.

Ideally, it is recommended that one should clean their ceiling fan at least once every three months. Not cleaning your ceiling fan on a regular basis will accumulate dirt and dust which is harmful for infants, people with respiratory diseases like asthma, and other health problems.

Before you start the preparation for cleaning your ceiling fan, make sure you are standing at an appropriate height and the electric connection to the fan is switched off for your own safety.

This blog piece will highlight top 5 ideas to keep your ceiling fan clean and neat. Let us explore them!

  1. Use The Wet And Dry Cloth Method: First clean your ceiling fan with a wet cloth and simultaneously wipe it off with a dry cloth. To wipe off with the wet cloth, you can spray some house-cleaning product or disinfectant. Alternating between wet and dry cloth will help prevent any wet marks on the fan as well as helps with any dirt and gunk that the wet cloth cannot clean. And don’t go on looking for special clothes for the same, you can make use of any old T-shirt, pillow case or bed sheet and designate these clothes for ‘ceiling fan cleaning’ only!
  • The Vacuum Cleaner Method: The wonders of a vacuum cleaner are not limited to your sofas and corners of the house. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your ceiling fan too! Make sure yourvacuum cleaner has a dusting attachment and simply elongate its handle to cover the top and bottom of your fan. How this works it; once your vacuum cleaner is on, the dust attachment will help release the dust as you brush the blades of your ceiling fan so the dust can be suctioned by the hose. Such an easy and hassle free method to keep your best ceiling fan clean, isn’t it?
  • Make Do with Long Brooms or Brushes: We are sure you must have those long brooms to remove spider webs lying somewhere around at home. These brooms and custom long-handle brushes can be used to wipe off any dirt and dust from ceiling fans without even having to stand on stools or make use of clothes.
  • The Pillowcase Method: Who thought you would come across a fantastic ceiling fan cleaning idea but with a pillowcase? This is one of the most used and popular methods of cleaning a ceiling fan. Simply take a pillowcase you are not planning to use anymore and slip the pillowcase on any of the ceiling fan blades. Hold the pillowcase from both the sides and slide it along the edges of the fan. However, make sure you have your face covered or wear a mask when cleaning your fan.
  • Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleanser: The dirt on ceiling fans can often be stubborn and just water might not do the cleaning off trick. You can either use a cleaner for the same or make your own DIY cleanser for ceiling fans! All you have to do is mix equal parts of white vinegar with water and spray on the cloth you are using. Make sure you do not overuse the cleanser as it might damage the engine of the ceiling fan. Also, do not let any cleanser sit on the fan for too long; it is always good to follow up with a dry cloth later on.

The Bottom Line Even the best ceiling fan cannot self-clean which means you have to take the necessary effort of cleaning your ceiling fan once a while. It barely takes 10 minutes and enhances the overall tidiness of the house. We hope this blog makes it easier for you to keep your ceiling fan clean and neat! All you need to do is just inculcate any one of these amazing ideas and restore the cleanliness of your ceiling fan.

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