Top 5 Online Game Streaming Platforms Where People Make Money

There are many different gaming platforms on the Internet. Whether you like to stream on Facebook, YouTube, or Dlive, there is a platform for you. This article will explain some of the top options. Once you’ve decided which one to use, you can make money by playing games and chatting with fans.


If you enjoy gaming, you may have heard of WPC2027, an online game streaming website. This popular website allows you to play live games of cockfighting. Players can place bets against other gamers or against each other, and earn money in the process. WPC2027 is free to join and offers many different games.

To join WPC2027, you need to register first. To register, go to the website and enter your name and password, and your DOB. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to see your balance. Once you’ve completed registration, you can log in and start playing games.

Sports: Games like football and cricket are popular around the world. People like playing them for different reasons. While cricket and football are well-known, WPC2027 offers a brand-new sport that is gaining popularity.

Youtube gaming

The YouTube Gaming site is an excellent place to earn money by streaming live video of games. It is a part of YouTube, the world’s largest search engine, and offers plenty of tools for streamers. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of content. YouTube Gaming allows streamers to target specific audiences, offer commentary to their streams, and more.

The site also offers merch items and allows users to create their own products. Several streamers have created merch stores and are earning money from these sales. The key is to list products you use on your streams, and you’ll be rewarded with commissions for every sale.

facebook gaming

If you are a gamer who enjoys playing social games and would like to earn money while playing those games, you can monetize your Facebook game streaming page. If you have a Facebook page, you can earn money by streaming games and giving away stars to viewers. The creator studio allows you to monetize your game streaming page by showing viewers your three cards describing the requirements to earn money. Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can begin earning.

Facebook Gaming has two revenue streams: the “Level Up” program and the “Partnering” program. To participate in the “Level Up” program, you need to build a special creator page and get at least 100 followers. Once you reach this level, you can begin to earn Facebook “Stars,” which are equivalent to $0.01 apiece. The “Partnering” program is more competitive, but it is possible to earn money by handpicking successful streamers and paying them a monthly paycheck.


Dlive is similar to Twitch in terms of function, but focuses on a desktop setup and longer game streams. It has a large community and allows streamers to earn real money from subscribers, tips, and donations. The platform also supports a variety of file formats and offers good video content.

YouTube gaming is another platform that offers opportunities to earn money by streaming videos. There are nearly 10 million active monthly viewers, and people can earn money by sharing their videos and interacting with other viewers. In addition to this, they can promote products and services.

Facebook gaming is a good alternative to Twitch, and is similar in functionality. Streamers can create their own channels and tournaments to earn money. Facebook allows streamers to charge viewers for their services, and the site will pay streamers a small amount for each video they publish. It’s also free to use, although it’s recommended that you have a high-performance PC for the best results.


There are many ways to earn money from gaming, and one of the most popular is to broadcast live gameplay on Twitch. The site has over 15 million users on average, and you can earn money by watching others play or streaming your own games. There are many ways to earn money from Twitch, and some people even make seven-figures a year from broadcasting. The key to earning money from Twitch is to be committed to your broadcasts and interact with your viewers. You can do this by cross-promoting your social media profiles and interacting with other Twitch users.

Another way to earn money on Twitch is to sign up for affiliate programs. Affiliate programs offer a commission for every sale made by your subscribers. By signing up with an affiliate program with your favorite companies, you can earn money from the games you stream.

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