Top 5 reasons to choose AWS Managed Services

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Currently, 92% of the companies have their IT environments on the cloud, and experts anticipate the cloud expenses of these companies to increase by 39% in the next year. However, 90% of these organizations are struggling with the cloud because of the shortage of workers with cloud-related knowledge and skills. And that’s where AWS Managed Services come into play.

Amazon Web Services currently supports more than 5, 000 educational institutions and 7, 500 government agencies. This is a seal of approval because choosing AWS Managed Services is fundamental to increasing cloud value and unlocking the endless possibilities it provides at different stages of a company’s cloud adoption journey.

AWS Managed Services offer ongoing management of a business’s AWS infrastructure. It involves specific functions and procedures to reduce expenses and boost business operations. 

On that note, below are the top five reasons to choose AWS Managed Services:

Affordable Service

Going for AWS Managed Services means you will be paying only for the services you use and not for the fixed salaries of the in-house IT professionals, regardless of all utility measures. You get a specialized and distinctive team of IT experts with services available on demand as per your organization’s requirements. AMS teams are not just timely and convenient but also possess superior expertise and skills, like technical excellence, which is hard to find in the internal resources without offering employee benefits and ransom salaries.

Opting for AWS Managed Services brings down the cost of employing IT personnel and helps you budget effectively, as you have predictable monthly rates for all planned services. This way, your business expenditures become more foreseeable and simple to calculate.

Strong Cloud Environment

Designing cloud computing systems involves a lot of complexity, from version control to resource management. And as more and more industries are embracing the cloud for digital transformation, there are more cloud assignments than professionals trained to design them.

Cloud architects with the right skills and knowledge to achieve high-level innovation and quality are among the top two most in-demand IT professionals. They take up high-salary positions in the IT industry because, unfortunately, compromised cloud architecture can result in poor security, latency, and reliability, majorly affecting business performance.

Amazon Web Services validates that the Managed Service Providers chosen for its unique partner network are exclusively positioned to design versatile and resilient solutions that take the best advantage of all the cloud offers.

Enhance Productivity and Avoid Downtime

Nothing can be more annoying than putting a winning sale on pause because of system failure. IT downtime can cause huge losses for businesses. And because of differences in business operational methods, downtime can differ from being at a low range to the higher end. Only 2% of businesses can recover from problems caused due to downtime within an hour or so. The majority of businesses wait for as long as 4.78 hours on average to recover from downtime issues.

However, that’s not the case when you get AWS Managed Services. These services maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure constantly, reducing downtime probabilities. A proactive approach in detecting threats and sophisticated tools ensure security helps AMSs increase business productivity while diminishing business interruptions.

For Stability and Scalability

The main objective of a fast-developing business is to meet market demands consistently. However, the market demands are dynamic, showcasing rapid shifts in interests and preferences. With a growing customer base, businesses should grab the potential to scale and alter their existing resources and infrastructures to support business development and stability.

High-grade AWS Managed Services discover and address technical weak points of businesses proactively and help them remain firm and productive. Such services automate common infrastructure tasks, such as patch management, change requests, security, backup, and monitoring, while providing complete life-cycle solutions to run, support, and provision business infrastructure. By opting for AWS Managed Services, businesses can relieve their regular infrastructure operations and use the right infrastructure management practices with lower operational risks and overhead.

Frequent Backups and Updates, along with Compliance 

A lot of hard work goes into tracking and installing updates and performing regular backups. It calls for great accountability on the part of manual labor of a company and an expensive liability for businesses, specifically for SMEs. For small and medium enterprises with resources completely dedicated to core-revenue-generating operations, AWS Managed Services work as a direct alternative to manual labor responsible for superintending backups and updates.

AMS takes good care of installing regular backups and updates on behalf of companies by offering a compliant and secure operating model featuring compliance control, regular infrastructure management, backup, security, and cost optimization. With AWS Managed Services, businesses and their personnel can focus more on their evolving business priorities and are assured of their backups and updates religiously being taken care of.

Almost any business or industry must face different privacy compliances and IT forms that require additional labor and effort. Though compliance is necessary to help a company practice proper diligence in safeguarding its digital assets, it focuses on third-party requirements, like security, constitution, government, and contractual terms of the client. Again, maintaining a separate in-house team to ensure your company complies with the norms can be a dicey and tedious job. Hence, taking on AWS Managed Services for compliance control is always recommended. It also helps the in-house professionals stick to their work obligations and responsibilities.


AWS Managed Services guarantees that an organization will have qualified IT support to stay on top of its game. This is very important in this fast-paced world where the winners of the future are companies that can instantly respond to customer demands and industry changes. Managed AWS will deliver the flexibility and agility your business requires to stay ahead of your competitors.

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