Guest Post – What Gifts to Bring Back for Friends from Nainital

Guest Post - What Gifts to Bring Back for Friends from Nainital


Nainital is indeed a city filled with joyous moments of mountains and serenity of the Naini lake. The location is best known for couples and families who wish to rejuvenate in the uncommercialized areas of Nainital. As you think of exploring the place, you are sure to stop for shopping here. May it be friends or family, everyone demands something unique after travelling. 

To your surprise, Nainital market is not like the other ordinary places where you can buy ordinary stuff. Nainital is about exclusivity and finding something that you don’t find elsewhere. With many bustling shopping streets, Nainital is a perfect place for shoppers who wish to buy gifts for their loved ones. So, here is your guide to understanding what to buy for friends and family.

7 Gifts to Bring from Nainital are – 

1. Bamboo Fabrics

Everyone wants something unique when they travel to other parts of the world. Nainital offers one of the unique gifting options for friends and families. You can find a plethora of clothing made from bamboo. Bamboo fabric is one of the famous options that offers exclusivity and uniqueness. Bamboo fabrics are highly found in Nainital as they promise to keep you cool even during summers. 

It is also claimed that these clothes keep you odor-free and are super comfortable to wear. So, if you have someone who is a fashion influencer, you definitely need to pick bamboo fabric for them! You can also find clothes made with papaya fiber, again being super exclusive in Nainital!

2. Woolens 

The pleasant weather of Nainital offers amazing woolens which you can buy for your friends and family. If you are travelling to Nainital, you simply cannot ignore the artistry in woolen sweaters and different types of caps and shawls. Right from the colours to textures, everything offers a lively vibe. Nainital is specifically known for woolens due to extreme temperatures the region experiences. 

Interestingly, there are various factory outlets that produce colourful shawls and sweaters allowing you to save your pockets and buy directly from the manufacturers. Bhutia Market is one of the famous places to shop for woolens. Check for Treebo Nainital hotels near the market area for a comfortable time shopping around.

3. Pine Cone Crafts

Ever imagined you can buy those pine cones that you generally see in the snowy regions of foreign countries? Oh yes, Nainital is the place where you can find a plethora of decorations and artifacts made with pine cones. You can also buy them in their raw form that can later be used for making crafts at home.

Along with this, various pine cone crafts are perfect for home or office interiors. Nothing can be more unique than this to show that you have been to the beautiful city of Nainital. Always make sure to bargain a bit as they might sound pricy in the beginning.

4. Brass Bells

What’s so special about bells? Let’s explore! Brass bells are highly popular in the region of Nainital because of its cultural significance. These bells are available in large quantities at the Ghorakhal’s Golu Temple making it significant and divine in all senses. You can find various stalls selling brass bells ranging up to INR 5000.

It is always a good idea to look for Treebo Nainital hotels near the major markets to avoid walking or travelling too far. Since the nicely designed brass bells are available near the temple, do visit the premises to seek blessings here. Negotiate with the sellers and check for colorful designs before finalizing.

5. Fruits and Handmade Food Products

Nainital is all about freshness and it simply cannot be justified without mentioning fruits. You can find juicy fruits in the markets here that are straight away displayed from farms. Oranges and apples are popular fruits to buy for your loved ones as each one carries love from Nainital.

Along with this, Nainital tops the handmade food market by selling authentic jams and pickles made by the locals here. You simply cannot ignore the delicious flavors of spices and other ingredients. Various types of chutneys and squashes can also be found here. So, look for affordable Treebo Nainital hotels as you are sure to spend most of your money on shopping!

6. Aroma Candles 

Candles are so common yet never thought of as a gift. However, candles are a perfect gift as they signify positivity for the other person. When in Nainital, know that you are in the hub of candles and your eyes cannot stop witnessing the soothing hues of them. Mall road is one of the famous places to buy candles in Nainital.

If you are a person who loves aroma, these candles are for you. You can find a plethora of shapes and fragrances of candles allowing you to as per your loved ones’ preferences. As you buy them, negotiate for a lower price as the vendors are amazing at communication. Look for Treebo Nainital hotels near the Mall Road for a cosy stay after shopping.

7. Bal Mithai

The speciality of any place lies in the artistry shown in preparation of sweet dishes. Nainital beats every other spot to find one of the delicious sweets for the sweet tooth. Bal Mithai is a famous sweet dish offered at various places here. This dessert is unique in its kind and is a sort of Nainital specialty. 

Bal Mithai is made of khoya or dried evaporated milk solids. Afterwards, white sugar balls are sprinkled over the chocolate-brown coloured candy. You can find various legacy shops in Bara Bazar selling Bal Mithai and stories of their past in a beautiful way.

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Nainital is indeed a beautiful destination to find secrets and art in every nook and corner. Right from the beautiful woolens to artistic pine cones, the destination speaks for itself!


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