Top 8 Big Leaf Indoor Plants for Every Room

Redesigning a home could be fascinating, especially when you love greenery. Does your newly renovated home have a lonely corner and needs a companion to complement along? Adding the goodness of indoor greenery was never a bad idea in the first place. The addition of a lush green tall plant would make the corner stand out while providing an ample amount of oxygen. Choosing a leafy plant might seem fascinating, but make sure you’ve got the required space for it.

However, having a huge indoor plant does not end your responsibility; you must ensure it gets an ample amount of sunlight which might be direct or indirect. Each plant has different requirements, and you must know them before making them a part of your family and planning to buy a lucky bamboo plant? They will need indirect light and lots of care. Want to explore more about indoor plants? Keep reading it to know more!

Types of Indoor plant

  • The lady palm: Are you looking for an elegant, slow-growing indoor leafy plant yet? You could go ahead and choose lady palm without any second thoughts. These plants could be a great choice for purifying the air around your home.
  • Triangle Ficus: Have you got fond of plants lately? Want to include the fresh green leafy companion in your compact home? You might just choose Triangle Ficus. They take considerably less space, and the heart-shaped leaves add beauty to your room. Want to add thematic indoor plants? These off-white outlined leafy plants would look gorgeous to begin with. Remember to provide them with a lot of indirect light and water them once a week. This would keep them freshly stored in a tub full of potting soil.
  • Cast Iron plant: Living rooms are the best place to relax and read your favorite book. Adding the beauty of a large green leafy cast iron plant would make the place cozier. You must keep this plant in a low to moderate lighting condition. What’s best is it could cleanse the air and make it breathable for you. You could simply put it beside the sofa or the empty corner. This would add a lot of elements to it.
  • Philodendron Plant: Another great choice would be philodendron plants. These are mesmerizing indoor beauties. They could purify the air and need minimum maintenance. These could be kept easily on the dining table center and make things look gorgeous. A great choice if you want a magnificent red plant.
  • Areca Palm: Modern kitchen needs the touch of greenery to go with the decor. The modular design might just need a lush green Areca Plant on your kitchen window and make things fresh and green. It’s a great source that could easily add moisture and eventually purifies the air.
  • Aglaonema white plant: Your bedroom needs a beautiful touch of indoor plants like Aglaonema White plants. These plants could add a peaceful ambiance with their presence. Also, they don’t need sunlight. This makes it even more suitable for bedrooms. Additionally, these plants are known for their luck factor as well. So, if you love a peaceful aura, you must choose this plant.
  • Sansevieria Plant: Also known as snake plants, these plants are best for all lazy people. They need the minimum maintenance, making them a great choice for lazy people around. Keep it in your study area or workplace. A great choice for improving attention span and making things considerably calmer. This could be a great choice for adding a calm and serene aura. Don’t wait; invest in a peaceful existence now.
  • Chamaedorea Plant: Do you want your kids to have a cheerful and calm childhood? Then you must make the sensible decision of adding lush green.

The elegant Chamaedorea plant is undoubtedly an excellent choice for your kid’s room. According to NASA, this plant is one of the best plants that purifies the air. In addition, this plant needs low light and requires minimalistic care. Chamaedorea is a fabulous choice for your munchkin’s room.

Ending Note

Undoubtedly, plants could add a lot of beauty to your home. Make sure you buy the right kind and take the necessary steps to keep it along for a long time.

Kevin Hart

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