Top Ceiling paint Combinations To Enhance The Look Of Your Home

Top Ceiling paint Combinations To Enhance The Look Of Your Home
Top Ceiling paint Combinations To Enhance The Look Of Your Home
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If you are planning for interior wall painting then the question, can you use ordinary wall paints for the ceilings as well might strike your mind. Usually, the same paints can be used for the walls and ceilings however, if you do so you cannot expect the ceiling painting to be durable. If you go for high viscosity paints are optimum for the ceilings as they do not chip off and fall on the ground. Special ceiling paints also provide a smooth and clean finish. You can expect high durability and resistance to stains if you use thick paints for the ceilings.

Choosing ceiling paint color combinations could be a task. Here are a few of the best and trendiest ceiling color combinations that you can consider for your home.

Contrasting color combination- 

To spruce up the look of your room use contrasting ceiling colors. Having contrasting colors on the ceilings can immediately lift the appearance of any room. A two-color combination for bedroom walls along with a contrasting ceiling color will provide a perfect designer look to your space. For light-colored walls use dark and impactful ceiling colors and on the other hand, for a room that has dark wall paints go for a lighter shade for the ceiling. This contrast will give a dramatic look to your room. 

Go for all white

If you are looking for something simple yet elegant then a classic white ceiling will provide you the desired look. White ceilings are a good option if you are facing space constraints as a classic white ceiling makes the room look spacious and light. An added benefit of having a white ceiling is that it fetches attention toward the walls and furniture. Such a ceiling adds lots of illumination to a room that has limited access to natural light. To attain a harmonious look try pairing the white ceiling with bold wall paints.

Try the same color walls and ceiling

Matching the color of the ceiling and walls will give a uniform look to your space. You can use different shades of a particular color to achieve this monochromatic color scheme. However, if you feel that this may be boring, to break the monotony of a single colored room you can accentuate the walls using texture wall paints. Added to that you can also add statement furniture that will stand out in a single-colored room. Using this color scheme appropriately can deliver unique results.

Try an elegant all-black ceiling

If you want your space to look dramatic and mysterious then you must try to get the ceiling painted with black color. An all-black ceiling is perfect to create a rich, sophisticated and refined look. This type of ceiling suits an industrial-themed space. Black ceilings add depth to the room and using rich metallic surfaces as other elements of the room along with having a black ceiling will add tremendous drama to the space. 

Full beige ceiling –

One of the best neutral colors, beige is a good option to paint the ceiling of your home. A ceiling covered in a beige color will add a lot of warmth to your room. Combining a beige-colored ceiling with subtle wall colors will get you a calming vibe for the space. Beige-colored wall ceilings can be your go-to if you desire an overall simple and soothing look. The amount of warmth this color radiated will make your room feel comfortable and cozy. 

Apart from the combinations listed above, you can also go for a pop-in-color ceiling or a soft-color ceiling depending upon the final look you are wanting for your space. All of these wide-color ceiling paints range are available with this brand making your buying process simple and easy. 

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