Top Factors That Affect Your Housing Loan Interest Rate

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Last updated on December 22nd, 2022 at 03:47 pm

Purchasing a property in today’s market is not, and will never be, a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. Making use of a home loan, on the other hand, can make it feasible for you to own the home of your dreams, thanks to the availability of home loans at interest rates that are currently low. On the other hand, you should be aware that the deal you strike for SBI Home Loan might have a significant influence on your financial life in the long run. 

The financing terms that you agree to, in this case, the interest rate that you take out a home loan on, will determine how financially secure or insecure you will be for a good number of years in the future. It is necessary to choose the appropriate EMI amount that is not only doable but also essential for you to borrow intelligently. This will help to ensure that your entire life does not become fraught with the financial strain which results in your SBI Home Loan Status changing to ‘default’ or in the irregular repayment category!

The interest rate on your SBI Home Loan is one of the many aspects that determine lending conditions. The interest rate is what will determine your monthly outgoings, also known as EMI, and it is something that you can affect, at least to some extent.

Selected tenure of the loan: Are you aware that the interest rate on loans with a shorter term tends to be lower? But yes, it is true that a shorter tenure comes with a larger amount of EMIs than loans with a longer tenure, which will have lower EMIs but a higher overall interest rate outgo. So, choose the repayment tenure as per your capacity to pay EMI. And just like you check SBI Home Loan Status after applying for it, you can check your expected EMI on online EMI calculator tools.

The type of interest rate that you select is important- If you do not want the economic conditions to have an impact on the interest rate that you pay on your home loan, you have the option to take out a fixed-rate housing loan. This type of loan ensures that the interest rate that you pay on your home loan will not be impacted by economic or market conditions. It also buys you some breathing room so that you may plan the repayment of the debt with a high degree of certainty in mind. 

On the other hand, there are floating-rate loans. You can take advantage of the downfall in rates when having floating-rate loans. But remember that there is a possibility that the interest rate on your loan will go up during upward movement, which would place even more strain on your financial situation. If you feel that you are able to handle the uncertainty of up and down movement in rates, then this is the best option for you because there are no prepayment penalties associated with it. Also, after taking these decisions and submitting an application, don’t forget to check SBI Home Loan Status to stay up to date on rejection or approval.

The current status of your credit profile: Do you know that it’s legal for lenders to charge you a risk premium based on the information in your profile? In a spectacle blind, lenders will charge you higher interest rates for SBI Home Loan to compensate for the increased risk associated with lending money to you if you are a riskier borrower. You can lower the risk of lending money in a number of different ways, including the following: Keep your CIIBL score over 750 since this demonstrates that you are creditworthy and have a reliable history of debt payment, and you should strive to maintain this level. One such strategy is to use no more than 30 percent of one’s available credit. Lenders pay close attention to how robust your income stability profile appears to be. Those who hold jobs in the government, in the medical field, or in accounting are viewed as low-risk and hence qualify for more favourable interest rates.

You should be aware that the interest rate on a house loan will change depending on the location of the property and its current market value. Considerations such as the state of the house, its connectivity, the availability of various amenities, etc. Because they present a lower risk to the lender, properties that are newly constructed and have an increased resale value will naturally garner a lower interest rate. This is due to the ease with which high-value residences can be sold off in the event that the individual is unable to make their mortgage payments.

A higher rate of interest is typically charged by financial institutions for loans with greater principal amounts. For instance, the interest rates for SBI Home Loan start at around 6%-7% per annum. If you wish to bring down the total amount you have to pay in EMIs, it is recommended that you make a larger down payment.

Whether to submit an application with a co-applicant or not: You have a better chance of being approved for a house loan at a more favourable interest rate if you submit your application for a home loan together with a co-applicant. It is possible that the bank or NBFC would grant you a house loan with a cheaper interest rate if you have a co-applicant. This is because having a co-applicant provides the bank or HFC with the assurance that at least one of the applicants will repay the loan.

The monthly principal and interest payment that you will be required to make on an SBI Home Loan will determine whether or not taking out such a loan is a prudent choice for you. Also, don’t forget to make use of useful home loan related financial tools and facilities like the EMI calculator and SBI Home Loan Status so that you are better updated and equipped during the entire process.

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