Top Singapore ERP Software for Startup Business

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Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 08:56 pm

Singapore is a young startup ecosystem with rapid expansion. However, most Singaporean companies fail to manage their books, finances, and inventory properly. This problem causes a high percentage of startups to fail each year. This issue can be mitigated by investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Singapore’s most comprehensive ERP application may assist your startup with data consolidation and financial management.

Utilizing an ERP system enables you to expand your company while having limited resources. This affords you the possibility to increase your company’s income and earnings quickly. When obtaining the best ERP Software for your company, choosing a solution that fulfills your needs is essential. Additionally, it would be best to have one appropriate for your sector and business type. Furthermore, you may examine ERP software’s pricing scheme computation before its implementation.

Various Singapore ERP App

ERP is management software with a centralized system that helps automate and manage operational processes such as sales, inventory management, accounting, human resources, supply chain, and many more. In a highly competitive business, Singaporean startups should consider implementing ERP. It allows you to develop and distribute accurate reports so that you may make better business decisions. There are many types of common ERP Systems that startups can use.

  • Customized ERP: A custom ERP application can be customized to your particular specifications and business processes.
  • Cloud-based ERP: This means it entails online accessibility. The provider will maintain the system, so you won’t need to hire additional employees.
  • Generic ERP: For businesses in various industries, generic ERP provides multiple functions, including accounting and financial management instruments. However, they often offer few operational features.
  • Industry-Specific ERP: This system is created specifically for a particular industry, such as distribution or professional services. In addition to fundamental tools and modules, it has sector-specific characteristics.

Why Do Startups Need ERP Software?

Startups begin with limited finances and resources, which they must maximize to fulfill their early objectives. However, working with limited resources might be challenging. Considering the number of startups in Singapore, you may want an advanced system to remain competitive. Consider using the best ERP System with a variety of features to aid in the expansion of your company.

An ERP application reduces the time spent on manual, repetitive operations. Instead of manually entering and processing data, the centralized database of the ERP System will do so automatically. In addition, it offers a dashboard function that makes it easier to manage employees’ responsibilities by allowing them to see what they need to do next in real-time. In conclusion, using an ERP application will improve the overall operational process of a startup, allowing you to reach maximum profitability.

The Importance of Singapore ERP Software for Startups

While it is true that a company should prioritize delivering their product or service as soon as possible, they must also consider how they can efficiently manage operational operations and scale as needed. Startups must be able to increase sales and marketing activities while decreasing expenses to increase revenue.

Better management tools like ERP Software are crucial for startups, particularly in Singapore. ERP can help accelerate the growth of your company’s revenues and profits. The most excellent aspect of an ERP system is that it enables startups to scale their operations without needing to hire additional employees or make significant infrastructure investments. Consequently, Singaporean startups who use an ERP application will be one step ahead of those who do not. Due to the exclusive features, you may minimize manual and time-consuming operations.

Essential ERP Modules for Startups

Due to limited financial resources, the managerial components of fledgling businesses are often neglected. Switching to the most comprehensive ERP software is advantageous because it assists management and reduces operating costs. The ERP Application consists of business-specific modules. Here are some of the essential starter components.

1. Accounting management

Most startups encounter financial difficulties. They seek the most effective method of financial management. Consequently, startups must have an accounting management module to assist with managing cash flow, budgeting, transactions, liabilities, and revenue recognition.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Excellent customer management is vital for the growth of startups. However, sustaining consumer contacts while juggling other duties might be challenging. Using the CRM modules, you will be able to keep track of every customer and develop personalized material.

3. Project management

In order to maintain your startup’s credibility, you must carefully manage your projects. The project management module assists you in keeping track of your projects and ensuring that all stakeholders have access to progress updates. Using this module will boost productivity overall.

4. Sales management

The sales management module helps you manage your prospects and customers successfully. In addition, it can predict sales based on data, allowing you to optimize revenue and make better business decisions.

5. Inventory administration

Although startups may deal with fewer goods than larger businesses, the inventory management module is vital for improving stock management. The module will aid you with sourcing, ordering, and forecasting inventory levels.

6. HashMicro’s ERP Software 

As a startup founder, adopting a digital solution may be your most excellent option for business expansion. There are a few factors to consider, including the competitive nature of Singapore’s startup market and your company’s operational costs. It would be best to exercise caution while selecting an ERP provider for your startup. Consider installing HashMicro’s ERP program, which provides comprehensive capabilities and will assist your company in boosting profitability and minimizing operational costs.

The startup environment in Singapore is constantly evolving. HashMicro’s ERP is adaptable to the current startup landscape and can be customized to your specific requirements. The solution will effortlessly automate your startup’s operational operations from beginning to end. In addition, its system is cloud-based and centralized, making it conveniently accessible online. In this manner, your startup will not need to engage additional personnel or use additional management applications.


Singaporean startups are expanding rapidly, hence boosting competition. To improve the quality of your startup, you should seek out the most efficient and effective method of business management. Therefore, implementing an automated system such as the ERP application may be the best alternative. You may wish to switch immediately upon learning the significance of using the top Singapore ERP Software for your startup.
An ERP Application simplifies the complex operating process, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The components of a comprehensive ERP system include CRM, SCM, WMS, POS, Accounting, and more. Moreover, because startups begin with modest costs, ERP allows them to cut operational expenses. No doubt, deploying an ERP application has multiple benefits for startups.

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