Top Six Passive Income Ideas to Try In 2022

It’s excellent that you get a steady paycheck from your 9 to 5 job. But just like everyone, you have, nevertheless, secretly always desired for more. More cash, more liberties, greater adaptability. Regardless of whether you’re running a side business or just want to supplement your income each month, passive income is a great way to do it, especially given the global inflation that is now raging. It will allow you to earn a little extra and indulge when times are good. Moreover, it can also function as a safety net in case you unexpectedly lose your job, quit it for some reason, or if inflation continues reducing your buying capacity.

In this guide, we have broken down the top six passive ideas that you can try to earn extra income and get what you have dreamed of. Have a look at our top picks.

  1. Publish An Ebook

Producing an ebook may be a fantastic opportunity to benefit from the low costs of publishing and the global distribution of Amazon to ensure millions of potential buyers notice your book. Ebooks are often short—they have between 30 and 50 pages at the very least—and affordable to produce because they are based on your individual expertise. Online book creation is simple; you can even test-market different pricing and titles.

Much like when you create a learning program, a significant percentage of the value comes from growing your library of ebooks and attracting new clients to your services.

  • Become A Blogger

Blogging is another well-known passive income source idea. Numerous business owners have used it to help them generate passive revenue through goods, courses, sponsored articles, sponsored courses, book sales, and more.

To earn money online, you do not have to be a well-known internet user. However, another thing is that you must use two or three platforms to find your clients, then direct them to your website.

Setting up an internet blog just requires a short bit of time. However, if you create high-quality material and then advertise it on your social media platforms, you’ll increase your following to the point where it may lead to a reliable source of money.

  • Real Estate Investing

One of the earliest and most effective ways to generate passive income is through the purchase of investment properties, which provide a consistent flow of revenue through rent. Additionally, you will be able to see the value of your property rise over time. If you have the money to do so, you can buy flats or other real estate and lease it out to others for rent. You may hire property managers to watch tenants, maintain buildings in excellent shape, and collect monthly payments or rent because being a landlord might be a difficult thing.

  • Start a YouTube Channel

You can also share your knowledge free of charge via a YouTube channel. An astounding 74% of adults in the US are on YouTube. That’s a lot of attention to make a passive income stream. The problem? It’s a lot of work with little or no payback at the beginning.

A successful YouTube channel has significant potential if you are a long-term thinker and are ready to put in the upfront work to start earning passive revenue. Start with making high-caliber videos about the most liked subjects or a topic of interest.

Make sure the videos you upload are well-produced and appealing to the audience. Before uploading your video content, make sure you have a strong internet connection for smooth uploading. Xtream powered by Mediacom is a great option for you. Click here to check its budget-friendly packages that suit your needs

However, you will start getting paid when your videos acquire more and more views. Showing interest in the topic you like is advised since it motivates you to keep going and make more impactful films.

  • Invest in NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are distinctive assets stored on a digital ledger. A wonderful feature of NFTs is that they give value to the assets they are stored on.

NFTs may be used for anything, including video, music, digital photos, photographic games, and GIFs.

The procedure for making NFTs on Solana is simple. You may utilize online services like OpenSea to create an account and then follow the detailed instructions to manufacture money (which requires additional gas fees).

It’s still not too late to get into this industry, even though it’s a relatively new one. NFT has already surpassed $10 billion in sales. As a result of the minting price, developing NFTs that can be sold requires time and money upfront.

  • Invest in Stocks

The stock market is an excellent method for building wealth, even though it may be complicated and have a steep learning curve. When investing in money, the most frequent mistake is investing in the short-term rather than the long-term to meet their financial objectives.

Diversifying your portfolio and reducing risk are the goals of stock investment. Mutual funds, high-dividend equities, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are all options that may provide you with a steady income over the long term. You must open a brokerage account with a respectable financial institution, fund it, and then start trading on the market.


Including passive income sources in your lifestyle can provide you with more flexibility, freedom, and money overall. The most exemplary passive income ideas involve spending a lot of time building, optimizing, and providing the highest quality service and goods. You can look at the above-mentioned ideas and select the one that matches your skill set.

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