Touchless Attendance System: Why Should You Have one in Your Organization

Touchless Attendance software

The Covid19 pandemic has certainly altered the way businesses operate and function. A growing number of organizations are beginning to adopt new practices and measures to simply support their employees and customers and touchless technology is actually making its mark.

Just a couple of years back, folks hardly thought twice about shaking hands or simply touching door handles and elevator buttons, but now things have changed drastically with the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now, everyone and even business leaders believe that touchless technology is the finest possible way to tackle the situation. As an outcome, many organizations are evading the use of biometric attendance systems and simply replacing them with Touchless Attendance software. This system significantly reduces the employees’ chances of contracting the virus and even spreading it.

Well, it is true that cleaning communal surfaces in offices and even organizations is absolutely crucial and an effective way to help avert the spread of coronavirus, the issue emerges with attendance systems. Attendance terminals are the ones that go through plenty of use in short time durations and are tough to keep clean consistently.  Here contactless attendance technology is all ready to witness immense growth in the coming years because of the factors such as COVID-19 and the extensive adoption of digital solutions.

Making the most of Cloud-Based Management System

You know you can find a cloud-based touchless attendance management system that comes with manifold benefits. The interface is conveniently accessible across diverse devices and captures attendance regardless of the location of staff members and employees.

Different types of Interfaces

If you are thinking that it is going to get hard to introduce a new system to your organization then you are wrong. In the majority of touchless attendance systems, staff members are in a position to mark their attendance through facial recognition, desktop, and even mobile application. Of course, these interfaces are absolutely easy and smooth for anyone to use.

Convenient Integration 

Well, it might interest you that contactless attendance type of systems most of the time support easy and fast integration with HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems). And this is something that simply eases the overall payroll process as accurate and complete attendance information is available for every staff member. Moreover, there would be no doubts about the data forgery or otherwise. Hence, you can be definite that you have a great experience for overall cohesive working in your organization.

Free don’t need hardware in many cases 

You know if you go for cloud-based touchless attendance management systems, they are free of any sort of hardware. This removes all sorts of repairs, related dangers and risks, and maintenance activities, and augments the cost-effectiveness of the overall system. Of course, you can be sure that the access to the overall system is online, and nobody has to deal with the regular repairs of the hardware and maintenance parts.


To sum up, you can check the options in Touchless Attendance software free variety and ensure that you use the perfect one for your organization.

Harshit Goel

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