Trade relations between China and Iran.

Iran and China have primarily developed their economic and trade relations in two areas: general trade and oil-gas trade. Many Iranian businesses visit China each year to purchase and Transport China to Iran. Over the previous few years, Tehran and Beijing’s economic ties have developed at an average annual pace of 40%, with commerce between the two nations rising from $400 million in 1994 to $29 billion in 2008. At the Iran-China commercial cooperation conference in Tehran on May 11, 2009, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stated that China is currently Iran’s primary economic partner in Asia and its third-leading trading partner globally. Iran’s top trading partner now is China, surpassing the European Union.

Transport China to Iran

According to official statistics, the EU continued to be Tehran’s largest trading partner in 2008, with commerce exceeding $35 billion, compared to $29 billion with China. However, this figure hides the reality that a sizable portion of Iran’s commerce with the United Arab Emirates comprises products coming to or from China. According to Majid-Reza Hariri, the deputy head of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce, more than half of Tehran’s $15 billion commerce with the UAE was transshipped to China. When all of this is included, China’s trade with Iran is estimated to reach at least $36.5 billion, which may surpass its trade with the EU as a whole.

How many different product categories do Iran’s customs have?

In Iran, there are three categories of goods that can be imported and exported:

  1. Permissible products

These commodities may be exported or imported without a license as long as the necessary conditions are met.

  • Conditional Product:

A license is required in order to export or import certain products.

  • Restricted items:

The revered Islamic Shari’a and/or the law restrict the exportation or importing of these products (for purchase, sale, or consumption). The types and specifications of goods falling under any one of the aforementioned three categories shall be set forth by an ordinance to be drafted by the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade and approved by the Council of Ministers. Please check the type of your product before importing any goods from China to Iran.

Door to Door shipping of goods:

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Both nations have comparable psychological characteristics. The two nations are the offspring of ancient empires and civilizations. As a result, both of them have strong identities that are expressed via national pride. They also share a connection because Iran is one of the largest powers in the Middle East and China is the largest power in Asia. 

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