Ideas for Transforming Your kids Room Morphing into a Captain’s Room and Tennille Lair

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If you’re looking for ideas for decorating, want assistance in choosing the right colors for your children’s room, or you’re looking for something fun to engage your kids This article is packed with great ideas. In addition, it’s written by two moms who know how make your space look perfect!


The Captain and Tennille bedroom is a classic design with furniture that contrasts vibrant colors of yellow or orange with Captain’s purple and blue. From the wall to the bed everything must looks within a theme. For example the wall art is based on a yellow them then bedsheet for kids be also within the similar color theme. The walls are accentuated by the silver cabinetry and the furnishings appear straight from space. There are also bright bedspreads which have been arranged on the pillows list in accordance to the style and color. This can create a bright and lively room.

What do you need to put in the kids room?

There are a lot of elements that you should consider when planning the space for your kid. You might want to consider one or two suggestions from Jim or Nachhee Tennille’s advice and take inspiration from their amazing song \”Give In”:

Carpet (to block out sound from outside noise)

A sliding chalkboard (A wonderful way to draw lines across walls)

Begonia or other type of bush plants that are placed in an urn large enough (Nice addition to a springtime appearance)

This could be a new blog post that covers tips for decorating with children, safety concerns as well as other tips.

The pros and cons of decorating a child’s bedroom

Despite the cult status that is Captain and Tennille the nostalgic and childish first dance phenomenon of the 70’s decorating your child’s space with a striking resemblance to an old-fashioned senior dance hall could be difficult. I’m aware of this as my daughter, who was eight years old, tried unsuccessfully to make her own impromptu “field house” — that her brother had was sure to secure before he discovered it when I first discovered cola five years back. The advice given in this piece is a mixture of historical ways to gain not being famous and gaining recognition and the other half for anyone who wishes to move their home towards the future, without depriving your child from a better environment.

The bedsheet your child loves

Captain Tennille and Captain Tennille are a classic children’s group that has made numerous appearances on T.V., radio and printed media over the decades. Their hit song, “Love is Waiting” has been heard on children radio stations for years. Like the other princesses children, your child will be awestruck by the king size bedsheet which changes colors and patterns based on their mood. In order for your child to be a fan of the space but still have room to decorate, consider using a bed sheet. For instance, you can choose any image they love from Captain as well as Tennille and then use it as a border for the bed sheet (maybe only those of “you might be the nicest guy”) or, if you’re lucky you’ll find your child to be among those who love blowing bubbles. take that into consideration for the big event. an outfit and a dress gown!

Timeline for decorating

It’s going to take quite a bit of effort and time to transform your child’s bedroom to your own Tennille and Captain Lair, however, there are plenty of options in addition to buying hundred-dollar Tupperware sets. In just two weeks, you’ll have the ability to make your child’s room more appealing with cool wall decor.

Here’s a look at the time line for the time you will need to completely redesign your child’s space:

Step 1: Remove anything that’s currently in the walls. Sort all decorations, artwork wallpaper, etc. and store them all of them in one location.

Step 2: Look for photos that show you with your two twins as kids and put them up when appropriate (but not too large). Take a

Flowers and plants

Are you a fan of the classic show of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, with its energetic dance routine? If your kids aren’t five, isn’t a reason they shouldn’t assist in decorating your home Each kid is able to get it done!

Add shelves for books

If you’re like many parents, you’ve probably been fighting with a mess of clutter in the room of your child. There’s no quick solution for a way to make the room appear more organized it is best to tackle one thing at one time. To tackle the mess that is on your shelves, looking for ideas can be a challenge! There are four simple steps to make this task manageable. First choose an idea that is manageable and feasible; then consult with experts who will provide you with more specific layout ideas (for instance , why not consider giving the shelves a Disney Princess theme? ) The fourth step is to take all the fittings you need before taking inventory of everything. the last step is to clean up your space.

Selecting furniture

The most significant aspects of the captain or Tennille theme is selecting furniture for the space. If you’re looking to become at least a little familiar with their style, just visit Amazon and Etsy and you’ll find a wide selection of furniture that immediately jump into your eyes. One of my personal favorites is an elegant nine-petal rose gold/silver frame mirror that has intricate details.

Insulating, installing bamboo flooring, melamine flooring

If your child is a regular visitor down the same dark and scary Pony skeleton-riding hall every morning, just before bedtime it could be an exhausting task when you are looking forward to the moment you wake up. To bring some warmth and character to the boring design you could consider adding colored insulation board or flooring made of natural materials like bamboo and melamine. Also, you can add a colorful wall decorations, and even a personalized plaque to welcome guests.

Troubleshooting reviews

It’s the time of year when kids are eager to get out of their cribs to brand new rooms. This can lead to disappointments when it comes time with decorating rooms. There could be a frustrating issue with the paint drying too slow, or the new wall paint getting an orange tint, and the basic instructions don’t cut it. To avoid these issues and ensure an easy transition, seek expert help or ask your team members to the plan for your project to express your appreciation for their help in helping you tidy and organize the space one last time.



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