Transforming your auto leasing business with the right auto leasing software

As dynamic markets and geo-political uncertainties continues to disrupt business, it can be challenging to find ways to interact and sell that allow the customer to remember you above the endless news cycle. Lenders have the opportunity to differentiate themselves based on their customer service and expertise here. It is not about closing the deal; it is about delivering a positive experience to clients.

Using auto-leasing software can make you stand out from the competition. By centralizing your customer data and automating manual tasks, you can free up your team’s time to focus on deals and deliver a market-leading customer experience from the first interaction, through sales and beyond, enhancing long-term profitability.

Using the right auto leasing software can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

In the digital age, speed is a competitive advantage:

The digital economy is characterized by customers shopping around and enquiring with multiple lenders. Car buyers, for example, spend 61% of their time researching online and shopping on the net before deciding.

It is, however, estimated that only 37% of companies respond to leads within an hour of receiving them. It can be attributed to a busy team, lost, or siloed data, or simply bad organization. The result, however, is the same – lost revenue. Because 35–50% of sales go to businesses that can reach the customer first.

The right auto lease software can solve this for you. By routing all your leads through one centralized platform that integrates well with your customer relationship management systems, you can ensure no data slips through the cracks. You can also set automated notifications to flag high value leads to your potential customers, so they don’t get cold. Not only do you save time, but you show your customers you care right from the start

Optimizing asset/vehicle utilization:

A key driver of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) is the desire to eliminate idle vehicles. The average car sits idle for 90% of its lifetime. This results in larger, inefficient fleets and higher costs for fleet managers operating on the one-vehicle, one-driver model.

To make the company’s mobility needs more sustainable, fleet managers should focus on moving people, rather than vehicles. By centralizing user data according to location, journey, and cost, they can have a comprehensive picture of the mobility needs of the whole company.

By doing so, managers can focus on providing the most cost-effective mobility solution, whether that is a car, a private vehicle, or a shared vehicle. As a result, costs are significantly reduced, and ROI is increased. According to research, sharing vehicles reduces idle time and maximizes vehicle usage, resulting in smaller, more efficient fleets that reduce total mobility costs by 30%.

Delivering delightful customer experiences:

If a deal fails to close the first time, do not give up. The prospective customer has already expressed an interest in your services – all they need is the right information to close the deal.

Car buyers spend an average of 108 days researching their purchase, giving you a large opportunity to engage them via ‘personalized nurturing’. When you nurture a customer, you provide them with additional information and education so that they can make an informed decision about your service and better understand your value.

When you choose auto lease software that integrates your CRM with an email marketing tool, you will be able to automate email workflows for your prospective customers, building relationships based on value and helpfulness. It could be a newsletter, a guide tailored to their needs or even an offer that is even more relevant to their needs.

With the right auto leasing software, all this can be automated, and you can remain top-of-mind throughout their research.

Building life-long customer relationships:

You can generate new leases every lease cycle if you treat loyal customers well. Loyal customers do not just work for one deal, they are there for a lifetime.

Maintaining that relationship is more challenging than getting new customers. Businesses often focus on getting new customers and it is easy to lose touch. What is more, if you have hundreds of customers with different renewal dates, it becomes increasingly difficult.

It is possible to automate a lot of the arduous work you used to do with an auto lease software suite. With one central CRM, you can store all your contacts and milestones, including their maturity date, and maintain relationships. 

Automated email can be used to upsell additional features, share helpful advice, mark anniversaries, and share useful advice with new leads. As a contract approaches maturity, your team can contact the customer to discuss renewal options and start negotiating a new deal.

Building more customized offerings:

Customers have diverse needs, goals, and budgets, but many businesses just jump right into the sale conversation and offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

In most cases, this is due to the lack of structured customer data. If you use your existing customer information more effectively, you can avoid this trap and talk about what is important to them. Getting started starts with a CRM that connects all your business’s customer interaction points, such as email engagement, website visits, deals, and previous inquiries.

Using Odessa, you have access to both rich historical customer data for advanced analytics and a self-service portal that lets you provide customized and personalized experiences to your customers. 

As a result, you can identify customers’ specific needs, deliver appropriate communications, and share the right information for your sales team to have productive conversations that result in more closes.

Unlock your team’s potential

The decision to lease a vehicle is an important one, so building relationships that drive deals will always be your main tool. If you use the right auto leasing software, you can help them be more effective, scale their efforts, and focus on growing sales.

Our modular solutions are designed to solve your specific needs, as well as integrate with your entire ecosystem of third-party applications, making Odessa a perfect fit for any business.

About Odessa

Headquartered in Philadelphia, USA, Odessa is a software company exclusively focused in the leasing industry. The Odessa Platform powers a diverse customer base globally, providing end-to-end, extensible solutions for lease and loan origination and portfolio management. Odessa facilitates business agility through rich feature sets including low-code development, test automation, reporting and business intelligence to ensure organizations can more effectively align business and IT objectives.

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