Trekking Essentials for New Zealand

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Are you all set to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, having lunch on a wild & rustic New Zealand trail, watching the sunset on Otago Pinot Noir, or cooling your feet at the base of a waterfall? Packing correctly for the Great Walks should be your top priority! That is mainly because your packing list will have a great impact on your enjoyment, helping you gather memories of trekking heaven and not blister hell. So, what are the trekking essentials that should be included in your packing list when traveling to the home of stunning natural wonders – New Zealand? Although a waterproof backpack, lightweight tent, hiking boots, first-aid kit, quick-dry activewear, and trekking poles for NZ make up most of the packing list, there are several things that you can surely include.

To help you get started, this blog enlists some of the most essential things to pack for trekking in the Great Walks of New Zealand. Read till the end to find out things that can make your adventurous trip to NZ easy, comfortable, and stress-free.

Must-Needed Items for a Comfortable Trek

  • Quality Backpack: A quality backpack is the first and most important travel item to be considered while traveling to NZ – an extreme location right at the edge of the world. Since backpacks are the ultimate companions throughout a trekking trip, it is really essential to invest in a decent one. Always ensure to choose a durable backpack that comes with breathable & waterproof features. A water-resistant backpack is a life-saver for every venturesome trip, saving your trekking clothes, gadgets, cameras, and identity cards from getting damaged due to heavy torments and snowfall.
  • Tent: Perhaps you may like sleeping under the stars, still it is always a smart decision to carry tents when heading out for a trekking trip. Slumbering in the wild may cause you sleepless nights, due to heavy rainfall, snowfall, insect bites, etc. After all, you would never wish to go through medical emergy during your most enjoyable trip. But that said, limiting weight is also essential while trekking on the longer Great Walks in NZ such as the Heaphy and Milford Tracks. So, ensure to carry a lightweight tent for your stay at the Tracks.
  • Trekking Boots: Apart from a backpack and tent, one essential thing to pack for trekking in New Zealand is a trekking or hiking boot. Sturdy footwear is a must when trekking on the Great Walks of NZ. A lack of strong and durable shoes or boots may cause severe cramps or strains on your feet, making it difficult for you to trek through the tough terrains of the tracks of New Zealand. However, you need not stress yourself to buy the most expensive boots, having a quality and reliable pair of hiking boots can cater to your footwear needs while on a trekking trip.
  • Trekking Poles: Whether you are trekking through New Zealand’s Milford Sound or Cape Foulwind, trekking poles for NZ can add a lot of stability & comfort to your hike. There is a vast array of reasons why backpackers and hikers love carrying trekking poles on their adventurous trips. The first and most important reason is that trekking poles take the stress out of joints while walking through the ascents & descents of the tracks in New Zealand. They are extremely effective in relieving knee pain while hiking a steep downhill trail. Not only that but they also prevent swelling in the arms and maintain a balance while crossing swiftly moving water, traversing snowfields and ice patches, or trekking along narrow ridgelines.
  • First-Aid Kit: Blisters, insect bites, etc. are common amongst trekkers while trekking through the wild and rustic tracks of New Zealand. As a precaution, you should necessarily carry a first-aid kit, comprising bandages, plasters, insect repellants, sunscreen, and prescribed medicines for any existing illness. Small cuts at the trek can lead to a severe medical condition like septic if not taken care of at the right time. Plus, you would also require a strong deet to keep sandflies at bay.
  • Food: Packing the right food items is essential. Although most camps provide food to the campers, carrying your own food can help you snack between the main meals. But the key to packing food items is weight. So, never overload your trekking gear with unnecessary or expensive food items. Packing a decent number of snacks like dry fruits, nuts, seeds, and energy bars is enough to satiate your hunger in between meals.

Bottom Line

These are the trekking essentials that you should consider packing for an adventurous trip. Especially, food and a lightweight tent should be the most prioritized items on your packing list. Hopefully, this guide helped you learn what to pack for your New Zealand trekking trip. You can browse through reliable sites on the web to purchase quality items to carry on a trekking or hiking trip.


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