Trello Review Vs Wrike Review: Which One Emerges as Winner?

Trello Review Vs Wrike Review: Which One Emerges as Winner?
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Is Trello or Wrike the best project management software for your business? Check out this side-by-side comparison of the two platforms!

Project management software is essential for any organization looking to stay organized and on top of projects. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your particular needs. This article will compare two popular project management software options—Trello Review and Wrike Review. This will help you decide which one is best for you.

Trello Project Management Software

Trello is the ultimate project management tool that helps teams stay organized and productive. With Trello, you can quickly set up boards in seconds to manage tasks, automate tedious processes, and collaborate with your team from anywhere – even on mobile.

Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to create a shared perspective on any project and ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also integrate with your favorite Atlassian apps and many others for added convenience.

With Trello software, you can easily organize anything from small tasks to large projects in one place. With its intuitive design and visual collaboration features, Trello makes it easy to get more done faster.

Trello Software Features


Trello software is designed with organization in mind. It allows users to create boards that can be used to organize tasks into categories such as “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done.” This makes it simple to see which tasks have been accomplished and which require further attention. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to find what they are looking for quickly.


Not only does Trello make it easy to organize projects and tasks, but it also offers features that help keep the team members informed about progress and changes. Users can comment on tasks or boards, assign tasks to individuals or teams, share files, and leave notes for each other about individual cards or boards. This helps keep everyone up-to-date on the latest information without having to send emails back and forth or use external chat applications.


One of the great things about Trello is its accessibility across platforms, including desktop applications, mobile apps, web browsers, etc., making it accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. As long as everyone has access to their account, they will be able to make changes from any device they choose. Users can also invite team members who may not have an account yet by simply sending them an invitation link via email or SMS.

Trello Software Pricing

Trello offers four different pricing plans ranging from free to business class. The free plan includes unlimited users, boards, and 10MB/file attachments. The business class plan includes unlimited users, unlimited boards, 250MB/file attachments, and advanced security features.

The other two plans—Trello Gold and Trello Enterprise—are tailored toward businesses with larger teams who need additional features. Depending on your needs, these plans can range in price from $9.99/month to $20/month per user.

A Trello demo can give you a clear idea of how it works and what it can do for you or your team. During the demo, you’ll get an overview of the user interface, how to create boards, assign tasks to team members, attach files or documents related to tasks or projects, and much more.

Trello Software Reviews

Trello is a project management software that allows users to visually manage tasks and track progress through lists, cards, and boards. It provides users with an easy-to-use platform where they can keep their projects on track while also collaborating with other team members. Trello offers several features that make it a great option for those looking for a simple but effective way to stay organized. Trello reviews from existing users are majorly positive.


      • Easy-to-use interface.
      • Automated notifications keep everyone on task.
      • Integration with other apps like Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
      • Customizable workflow.


        • Limited integrations with third-party services.
        • No time tracking capabilities.

      Wrike Project Management Software

      Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform that helps teams of 20+ manage their projects and initiatives efficiently, organized, and securely. It offers a simple user experience and interface with features such as task tracking, resource management, time tracking, Gantt charts, and more.

      In this Wrike Review, we’ll discuss its top-rated security measures that only authorized personnel can access the information stored in Wrike. It also supports remote work for teams that are spread across different locations. The Wrike app is available on Google Play for users to access their projects from anywhere.

      Wrike Software Features

      Project Management & Task Tracking  

      Wrike’s project management features allow you to plan tasks in detail easily. You can create detailed project plans with custom milestones and tasks connected to each other to get an overview of the entire project timeline. Additionally, you can assign tasks to specific team members or groups in order to keep everyone on track. The task tracking feature allows you to monitor deadlines and progress on individual tasks so that you can ensure that your projects remain on schedule.

      Resource Management  

      Wrike software also has an advanced resource management feature that allows managers to allocate resources across multiple projects. This feature lets you view who is assigned to what task so that no one becomes overburdened or overwhelmed with too many assignments. Additionally, it helps managers identify potential weaknesses in staffing or areas where there may be too much capacity so that they can make adjustments accordingly.

      Real-time Collaboration & Communication  

      In addition to helping manage projects and tasks, Wrike facilitates real-time collaboration between team members by allowing them to share documents and comments within the platform. This eliminates the need for third-party programs such as Skype or emailing files back and forth – everything necessary is all within the same platform! Furthermore, users are able to communicate directly with each other through comment threads.

      Wrike Software Pricing

      Wrike offers four different pricing plans; Free, Professional, Business, and Enterprise. The free plan is limited in features but offers basic task management capabilities. The Professional plan provides additional features such as advanced reporting and custom workflows at $9.80/user/month (annual billing). The Business plan includes even more features, such as resource management and time tracking, at $24.80/user/month (annual billing). Finally, the Enterprise plan adds premium support at $34.60/user/month (annual billing).

      A Wrike demo video is available that showcases the various features that Wrike has and how they can be used together for project management purposes. It also provides information about what each pricing plan covers. This helps customers decide which one best suits their needs before signing up for an account with Wrike.

      Wrike Software Reviews

      Wrike is a more comprehensive project management solution than Trello. It offers robust features such as task assignment and tracking, Gantt charts, document collaboration tools, resource management capabilities, custom workflows, automated notifications, analytics dashboards, and more. These features make it an ideal choice for larger teams or organizations that need more sophisticated project-tracking solutions. Wrike reviews are mostly positive.


          • Robust feature set including Gantt charts and analytics dashboards.
          • Comprehensive resource management capabilities.
          • Collaboration tools such as document sharing and commenting.
          • Customizable workflows.


            • Costly subscription plans compared to competitors like Trello
            • Limited integrations with third-party services.

          Trello Reviews Vs. Wrike Reviews — Final Thoughts

          When choosing the right project management software for your needs, it’s important to consider both the features you need and the cost of the solution you’re considering. Both Trello and Wrike offer powerful features that make them great options for managing projects efficiently. However, each has its own benefits that may or may not suit your situation better.

          Ultimately the decision rests in your hands! We hope this comparison of Trello reviews vs Wrike reviews helps you decide which one is right for your organization’s needs!

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