Struggling With Prescription Costs? Try These 10 Resources

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According to kaiser family foundation statistics from 2022, more than half of medicare-covered medications have seen price rises faster than inflation. Even if you don’t use medicare, hundreds of prescription drugs have seen price hikes this year. How can you save money on the greatest medications for you and your family?

There are several methods to save on prescription drug prices, depending on the medicine, when you need it, and if you have insurance with Walmart Pharmacy.

Resources For Prescription Savings

1. Consult A Pharmacist

Ramzi yacoub, the chief pharmaceutical officer at singlecare, recommends consulting your local pharmacist.

Yacoub suggests asking a pharmacist to review your drug list. They may frequently suggest money-saving ideas to discuss with your doctor.

Some ideas include looking for generic alternatives, switching to a 90-day supply, and using Walmart Pharmacy savings programs.


  • Each coupon code has distinct criteria and benefits. Please verify your coupon for discount criteria.
  • Coupon values are listed. Per household, one voucher.

2. Use Needymeds And Rxassist

Needymeds provides prescription medicine savings information. You may search for drugs by diagnosis or condition, and find discounts and rebates. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using needymeds.

Walmart Pharmacy searches specific medications and drugstore pricing. Your doctor may utilize the web to identify drug safety net services (such as supplying medicine to the uninsured) or a drug rep in your region who can give you discounts or drug samples.

Uninsured u.s. citizens who fulfill income requirements may apply for most rxassist patient aid programs. Pfizer’s pharmaceutical assistance programs start at 400% of the federal poverty level, adjusted for family size. 400% of the federal poverty threshold for 2022 is $54,360.

3. Consider Generics

Fda says generic medications may save 30% to 80% at the cash register. The fda regulates all generics to fulfill exacting standards compared to their brand-name equivalents, including strength, active ingredient(s), and how it enters your bloodstream.

When your doctor writes a prescription, have them click the option allowing a generic replacement. Ask your doctor for a generic drug.

4. Get A 90-Day Supply Prescription

More prescription medicine may cost less than a one-month supply. From mail-order Walmart Pharmacy to in-store savings programs by using walmart coupons at Walmart Pharmacy or cvs, 90-day prescriptions save the most on numerous drugs.

Three 30-day refills of a generic drug at cvs might cost $30. The identical 90-day medicine costs $15.

Walmart sells generic medications for $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for 90 days.

5. Get Drug Discounts From The Manufacturer

  • If you require a name-brand medicine without a generic or if you prefer the name brand, you may obtain savings straight from the drug manufacturer.
  • Pharmacists may find patient helper programs utilizing integrated discount software or by contacting medication firms directly, says nancy butler, director of Walmart Pharmacy at Walmart Pharmacy health.
  • You may also search online for the medicine brand and “savings program” to find out whether you qualify for manufacturer discount schemes. Discounts may have income or location limitations.
  • While manufacturer discount schemes may save you money, you may still spend more for a generic alternative. Ask your pharmacists about the manufacturer’s savings program vs your insurance and copay for generics.
  • Arielle spiegel, founder, and ceo of cofertility claims reuniterx offers manufacturer savings on reproductive meds.

6. Free Prescription Savings Card

You may search Walmart Pharmacy online for the medicine you require (including dose and amount) and discover which drugstore in your neighborhood has the greatest pricing.

You can’t utilize insurance and a prescription savings card from these programs. If the drug isn’t on your insurance formulary (not covered) or if the savings card price is cheaper, you could utilize it instead of insurance.

If you use a savings card instead of insurance, those funds won’t contribute toward your deductible. Depending on your deductible and how frequently you’ll need the prescription, insurance may be a better option.

7. Mail-Order Pharmacy

What if medicine discounts arrived in your mailbox? Cost plus drug company, blink health, genius rx, and dix are betting on this.

While you can’t use insurance at internet pharmacies, purchasing out of pocket may be cheaper than using insurance.

Mail-order pharmacies don’t provide medications immediately. If you need a drug same-day or the next, fill your initial prescription locally and then transfer it to a mail-order Walmart Pharmacy (ask your doctor for a 90-day supply if the savings make sense).

Join A Prescription Savings Program

With so many free apps, you may ask whether premium services are required. If you have a long-term connection with a local drugstore like walgreens, which provides a $20 per year prescription savings club, it may come down to personal choice.

Or you might be a member of amazon prime, which just announced a medication savings program for subscribers. While anybody may join up for amazon prime, you’ll have to balance the $139 annual price if you’re just signing up for prescription discounts and not video or two-day delivery.

Before investing in a premium product, compare savings (less the price) against free ones.

Know Your Insurance Formulary

So many prescription medications are available that it’s hard to determine what’s covered by your plan. With your insurance plan’s formulary (list of covered pharmaceuticals), you may save more.

If your health insurance or prescription drug plan has an app, you may search for covered prescriptions at your doctor’s office. If a medicine isn’t covered, you and your doctor may test other medications and discuss prices and coverage before a prescription is issued.

Work With A Hospital Social Worker

As a breast cancer survivor, Marianne Sarcich recommends working with a social worker in a treatment center or hospital.

She believes social workers support patients with such requirements.

Hospital social workers are experienced in dealing with patients from a range of economic situations and may help you identify local and federal assistance programs that can help with prescription costs and manufacturer savings programs of Walmart Pharmacy for chronic ailments such as cancer.

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