Types of Enterprise SMS Marketing Services

Types of Enterprise SMS Marketing Services
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Using an Enterprise SMS marketing service is a great way for your business to keep in touch with your customers. These services can provide you with a wealth of information to use in your marketing strategy. From simple texting to complex automated messaging, you can find the right service for your business. Listed below are a few examples of the various types of SMS marketing services available.


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When it comes to SMS marketing, there are many different ways to get the most out of your campaigns. SimpleTexting’s powerful campaign tool enables you to create campaigns, send them to your list, and track engagement. This feature allows you to create recurring campaigns and create filters for each campaign. It’s easy to track your ROI with SimpleTexting’s reporting, and the platform also allows you to export your analytics as a CSV file.

SimpleTexting’s customer service is available to answer all of your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On weekends and holidays, they are open until midnight ET. This makes SimpleTexting one of the few text message marketing services with Sunday hours.


Vfirst Enterprise SMS Marketing Services provides several features to help you reach your audience. The service offers a number of auto-response options, including text messages, voice messages, and web forms. Its marketing tools allow you to create a custom keyword list to target your audience. It also allows you to group your subscribers by keyword and track engagement. It also allows you to create two-way communication with your subscribers through email.

The platform also offers a free trial, free credit, and auto-recharging features. It’s best for companies that use real-time SMS to communicate with customers and prospects. It has advanced personalization features, including the ability to attach promotional materials. Users also have access to a shared inbox, email forwarding, and voice reply, and it provides strong security.


Omnisend provides a variety of tools for businesses to create and manage SMS marketing campaigns. For instance, you can create an opt-in keyword and create a segment based on that information. Once your segment is set up, you can send special offers to this group, and keep track of whether they’ve responded to the texts.

To ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, you should ensure that your opt-in message is clearly stated and includes a link to your privacy policies and terms and conditions. It is also essential to include a legal name of your business in all text messages sent.


If you’re looking for an SMS gateway that offers enterprise-level capabilities, Twilio may be the ideal solution. The company offers programmable SMS services for a fraction of the cost of other providers. For example, a business can send text messages with pictures to customers starting at $0.0075 per message.

The messaging platform’s slick interface makes texting a breeze. The company also provides extensive marketing analytics. Its Messaging Insights interface offers a deeper dive into marketing strategies, and advanced message delivery reports give you even more detailed information.

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