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Ulta Beauty
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Ulta beauty Inc. (NASDAQ:ULTA) has beaten the market this year thanks to above-average sales and profit growth. The stock climbed steadily despite supply chain bottlenecks, rising inflation, and fierce competition.

Ulta Beauty’s current market prices may not represent the company’s real worth. Given its high score, the company is undervalued under our Factor-Based approach. This article examines Ulta Beauty’s quality, value, and momentum on ulta coupon $10 off $40.


Ulta Beautiful “All things beauty, all in one place” business strategy provides a novel shopping experience for beauty goods and services with over 25,000 cosmetics, fragrance, skincare, and hair care items. Ulta beauty runs 1,325 locations in 50 states and a website. Since 2000, the firm has become the leading beauty store in the U.S.

Retail outlets, salon services, and e-commerce make up the company’s one reportable sector. Its range includes cosmetics, hair care products and styling equipment, skincare, fragrance and bath, and more.

Ulta Beauty owns 9% of the $91 billion US beauty product market. It has less than 1% of the $49 billion salon sector.
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COVID-19 societal limitations hurt Ulta beauty like many shops. It transitioned to additional digital channels using Omni channel investments. It might remain connected with clients and provide tailored buying. Ulta Beauty’s alliance with Target (TGT) fueled growth.

This shop-in-shop model will keep Ulta Beauty close to its customers and help them gain new clientele and market share.


With 37 million members, the Ultamate rewards programmer drove growth. Ulta Beauty plans to maintain innovating and enhancing client connection since members account for 95% of yearly revenue. Loyalty members shop more often and spend more each visit.


Given Ulta Beauty’s well-defined goal and business plan, it’s time to analyses its market standing. We’ll use Porter Five Forces to evaluate the industry’s attractiveness and the firm’s market position.


Mass manufacturing is difficult in this business. Ulta beauty, created decades ago, may increase profitability by limiting expenditures. New entrants need well-established distribution networks and strong supplier ties to compete with high-capital market giants.


In the cosmetics and personal care market, switching costs are cheap and alternatives might be handmade natural items or competitive goods. Customers in this business are brand loyal, even if switching costs are modest. If a product fits a customer’s demands, she’s unlikely to search elsewhere.


Cosmetics, skincare, and beauty items are price-sensitive. When a recession is forecast, people cut non-essential expenditure, which might hurt Ulta beauty sales. The company’s activities and consumers are exclusively in the US, thus it’s vulnerable to economic shifts.


Ulta Beauty standardizes basic components and differentiates finished products. The firm incurs no switching fees, minus the contract termination charge, if it switches vendors.

 The company made considerable infrastructure expenditures to develop a customer-centric distribution network, which proved effective during the current supply chain crises.


Ulta Beauty competes with department shops, drugstores, and specialized stores, as well as Sephora, Nordstrom, Sally Beauty, and others. Chain and individual salons compete in the fragmented salon services industry.

Aggressive targeting and pricing may hinder market expansion. Ultamate’s data and consumer insights help Ulta Beauty to deliver individualized services across digital and physical shops and remain ahead of competition in consumer trends.


Ulta beauty is a top-decile stock in our multi-factor rating approach. After extensive back-testing, we found that enterprises scored above 90 (top decile) fared better than others. Ulta Beauty is a factor-based US large cap equity holding. Its 98.5 rating is based on nine quality, value, and momentum parameters.


Before normalizing the final rank to a percentile, we weight each component. We’ll examine some of these aspects to determine how they led to ULTA’s excellent rating.


Our quality criteria include trailing ROE and asset turnover. ROE measures how much profit each dollar generates for shareholders. Ulta Beauty’s ROE (62.03%) is above the industry norm of 14.47%. The ratio has been rising for six quarters.


Asset turnover measures a company’s ability to produce income from its assets. Asset turnover dipped marginally when COVID-19 appeared, then maintained its upward trajectory, indicating that the firm’s assets are effectively utilized to generate sales and growth.


Among our value criteria is EBITDA (adjusted for CapEx and R&D). Since 2021, Ulta Beauty’s ratio has risen, indicating higher efficiency.


The price slope is used to detect medium-term upswings. This factor has reduced since 2021, although it’s still over 1.0 and hasn’t reached 2020 levels. Ulta Beauty’s stock price has remained over $350 for nearly a year, so negative sentiment has minimal influence. Once negative emotion dissipates, anticipate a fresh upswing.


Ulta Beauty, the top US beauty store, faces dangers. In addition to the recession risk, where demand for its goods may be influenced by lower discretionary spending, we notice two other risks that might threaten the company’s growth potential:

  • Despite high acquisition costs, social media is a crucial beauty industry marketing medium. Several firms are investing in and financing micro-influencers, who are lesser-known but more credible than celebrities. This applies to Instagram and Tikor trend-setters. If Ulta Beauty can’t target this niche, rivals may have first-mover advantage in various markets.
  • Changing consumer tastes may hurt Ulta Beauty in various areas. Several studies revealed that pandemic made women more comfortable going without makeup. Ulta Beauty depends heavily on client loyalty to market its goods, however this may affect cosmetics sector consumer preferences.


Ulta’s business was less cyclical than others’. Despite macroeconomic obstacles, it grew sales, revenue, and ideal client reach. Ulta Beauty is undervalued according to our rating algorithm. ULTA’s future outlook isn’t completely represented in its share price, thus it’s not too late to invest. Before investing, examine the dangers the company and industry face. Still, Ulta Beauty is having a fantastic year.

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