Ageing takes a toll on the body, sometimes in ways that we don’t understand. As we age the body starts to deteriorate, and everything that keeps us moving and afloat changes as well. One such thing is hormones. When younger, we often wonder if our emotional changes are due to hormonal disbalances. Little do we realise that as we begin to grow older, there is a decrease in the hormone production of the body. One such hormone is testosterone. This is a sex hormone which plays a crucial role in the well-being of men. As men age, their production decreases slowly. This leads to physical and emotional changes. It is time to head to a TRT Clinic Toronto to understand whether the changes you are facing are due to low testosterone. We are here to tell you about what low testosterone looks like and how this treatment can help you. 

What causes low testosterone?

After the 20s, the body’s production of testosterone decreases slowly. Apart from that, there are other factors as well that can impact the production of this hormone. This includes sleep, exercise, healthy body mass index, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, sexual frequency and alcohol intake. Even diet and stress can lead to low T. There are certain medications that are responsible for the low production of this hormone. 

What does Low T look like?

There are various symptoms that one needs to look out for. Often these symptoms might be confused for the results of a poorly balanced lifestyle. However, if you experience these symptoms it is suggested to get yourself checked and get to the root cause of it. When there is low testosterone it leads to low libido, insomnia, brittle bones, impotence, reduced facial hair, muscle loss, unexplained weight gain and increased breast tissue. It can also express itself in the form of fatigue that doesn’t go away with sleep, brain fog, erectile dysfunction, sleep disorder, increased body fat that is difficult to drop, generalised weakness, anaemia, depression and reduced muscle strength and mass. When experiencing any or some of these symptoms, it is crucial to get medical intervention. 

How to know if you are a good candidate for the treatment?

Once you approach a medical expert, they will run a couple of blood tests to determine testosterone levels. They will evaluate your red blood cells, lipid levels and other biomarkers. Based on that, they will advise the treatment to you. These tests also help them create a plan that is purely customized to your body. 

What happens during TRT?

Also known as Testosterone Replacement Therapy, this treatment works to restore the optimal level of testosterone in the body. As the system has to be safely recalibrated, the treatment lasts for a couple of months. During this time, the surgeon will closely monitor the improvement. The method of treatment is suggested based on your needs and lifestyle. Some popular treatment methods include oral medication, topical creams, transdermal patches and intramuscular injections.  


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