Ultimate Guide to the 2 types of Furnished Apartment in Beirut 

If an individual is looking for an apartment in Beirut, Furnished Apartments are a perfect choice. Furnished apartments in Beirut offer great value and convenience – they come fully equipped with furniture and appliances. This makes the individual free from duties. He or she doesn’t have to worry about buying or renting separate items. Furnished Apartments also provide a multitude of amenities, such as access to gyms and swimming pools on the premises. 

What is a furnished apartment in Beirut?

A furnished condo is an apartment that includes the basic furniture that an individual will want to stay within is a furnished apartment. Beirut is famous for the best services that these houses provide. The hassle-free living available in these apartments makes them a must to explore. All the furniture like a couch, beds, and simple household equipment are present in such condos. 

What are the features of an apartment which are fully furnished?

The best thing is that most supplied flats encompass a couch where an individual can relax. The apartments have well-fitted furniture and excellent rooms. The modular kitchen gives comfort to the residents. 

Most of the furnished apartments in Beirut have tables and chairs, which makes the settling process easy for the individuals. 

What are the 2 types of apartments in Beirut?

One can choose between a fully furnished and semi-furnished apartment in Beirut. Below mentioned are the pros and cons of both of the types of apartments available in Beirut for an individual to explore. 

When the apartment is semi-furnished, then an individual can install the items as per the needs of the resident. One can self-purchase furniture that matches with the personality of the resident. Also, the choice of the residents can be easily maintained. There wouldn’t be any compromise on the quality of the goods purchased. Moreover, the overall deposit as a security to the owner would be much less. The tenants won’t have to pay heavily in the name of rent because the furniture isn’t pre-provided. Hence, contrary to the other types of apartments, semi-furnished apartments are more affordable. They don’t cost heavily in the name of security deposit. 

Moreover, as the furniture is bought solely by the tenants themselves, the owner of the house can’t rant about the damage. One can get the furniture repaired as and when needed. This is because the furniture is purchased by the residents themselves. An individual won’t hear the blabbering by the landlord. One can easily install more furniture as per the needs as and when needed. The removal of unwanted furniture won’t be an issue if the apartment is semi-furnished and the landlord doesn’t have any problems with the same. 

In the case of a fully-furnished apartment, the rooms are well-fitted with each and every thing. One need not purchase anything at all. Analogous to hotels, the services of the apartments are maintained by the owner himself. Be it fitting of the Air Conditioner in the bedroom or geyser in the bathroom, all the necessary items are present on the premises. It is a full serviced apartment. This furnished apartment in Beirut has all kinds of furniture. The amenities are covered by the landlord himself. 

It is important for individuals who wish to live in a comfortable setting. This is without any hassles of purchasing your own goods. Only the perishable good like food, is to be purchased. One can pay for the furniture on the basis of the days that he or she stays in the apartment. Also, in the case of tenancy for a furnished apartment in Beirut, one need not carry the goods from one place to another. The shifting process becomes easy for individuals. 

What can one expect from a furnished apartment in Beirut?

  • The living rooms in such a condo mostly include a couch and window drapes. In addition to this, one can even go to a furnished room that has separate bookshelves and an accompanied workstation in the premise. The amenities present in a furnished apartment in Beirut increase with the increased amount of rent for purchase. Some apartments even have electronic devices like televisions fitted in the premises. 
  • Inclusion of a dining table for a furnished apartment in Beirut is a must. The hassle-free process of living in these condos provides a luxurious view. 
  • Be it curtains in the shower or a designed and well-fitted closet space, most of the bathroom appliances are also present. 
  • The presence of dishwashers and ovens in the kitchen is another feature of furnished apartments in Beirut. 


If an individual is looking for a furnished apartment in Beirut, it is important to understand the difference between semi-furnished and fully furnished apartments. Fully furnished apartments will come with all of the appliances you need, while semi-furnished apartments may or may not have appliances. Additionally, if one looks for easy living, it is important to choose an apartment that is already maintained and has furniture that does not require too much upkeep.

Wahid Hussain

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