Unusual Dog Behaviours That Are Completely Normal

Dogs showcase their emotions in many unique ways. They communicate in ways we find amusing, and undeniably some of the ways they show their emotions can be weird and unusual to us. However, to them, it is all completely normal, and there is nothing to worry about. Most pet parents, especially first-timers, get paranoid when they see their dogs acting unusual and weird. Although it is not a bad thing to be worried, it is still important that we understand why they act in such ways. 

So, to help you understand, here is the list of dog behaviors we find unusual but are, in fact, completely normal. 

  1. Eating their own poop.

Most dog owners do not understand the concept of why dogs eat their poop; they mostly see it as something that is extremely alarming and concerning. However, let me convince you of something otherwise. As much as it may seem gross to us, dogs eating their poop is all part of their nature, and it is completely normal. It is all part of canine nature, their way of survival in the wild. Although it is considered normal, this behavior can also be a sign that your dog may be lacking nutrients, and in order for them to regain lost nutrients, they tend to eat their own feces. 

  1. Zoomies

This is completely healthy and normal behavior dogs do, especially puppies, when they are happy and energetic. Zoomies most often occur in younger dogs, but the phenomenon can strike dogs of all ages and breeds. This type of behavior is shown when a dog is extremely playful and energetic. It can be their way to release energy or to invite you to play with them.

  1. Tail Chase

It’s not uncommon for dogs to chase their tails. It is a natural and normal way to release energy and playfulness. Some dogs may even do it over and over again in circles, and one good explanation as to why they do this is because they’re getting to know their bodies or perhaps sees it as a chew toy. Although it can be a playful act, it can also be a sign of something you need to be concerned about, especially when they have been doing this out of habit and causing injuries to their tail. 

  1. Head tilt

A dog tilts their head to show that they are very much engaged and intrigued about a certain thing, sound, creature, or material. It also indicates that you have their full attention and that they are listening. It may also indicate that they are curious about something unfamiliar to them, such as sound, environment, new people, or animals. 

  1. Spinning in Circles

This behavior may seem silly to most pet parents, but it can also be a serious sign of medical issues such as anxiety, depression, discomfort, and others. However, dogs circling around their bed or blanket before sleeping is perfectly normal to ensure that they are comfortable and secure as they rest. As mentioned, it can also be a sign of medical issues, meaning older dogs that spin frequently could mean that they struggle with memory, hearing, and vision issues. 


Dogs display feelings and emotions in a unique and diverse way, and as much as we would wish they would directly communicate it verbally, their only way of communicating is through body language. Their body language shows a lot of emotion, and it is our job to determine whether that body language was out of happiness, stress, sadness, frustration, or pain in order for us to get immediate and professional help if ever necessary. 

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