Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals when south and west facing vastu can be good too

Vastu consultant in Kolkata
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When Vastu consultant in Kolkata says that east and north facing properties are good, it does not imply that south and west facing properties are worst. 

Even these properties can be auspicious for both residential and commercial purpose. Let us see the features of the west and south facing properties. 

Sp 1 are Sp 5 padas are both negative as per Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Sp 1 entrance makes boys go completely different from what their parents expect from them. Sp 5 pada makes people lie under debts. It also makes them feel incapable of utilizing their intellect.

However, all the 3 padas that sits in between these are extremely good. Sp 2 pada enhances the tendency to work and thus is considered good for service people. Sp 3 entrance brings immense prosperity and smartness to get their work done. Sp 4 pada brings more money and male heirs. It makes industries highly successful. 

The remaining 3 padas are extremely bad. Sp 6 entrance unlocks abysmal poverty. Sp 7 pada drains the individual of their professions and relationships efforts. Sp 8 entrance it results in severe behaviour change and discontinuance of the family from the rest of the world.

Now, we will see the features of west zone padas. 

Wp 1 and Wp 2 are both severely negative padas.  Wp 1 entrance brings financial loss position and affected life span. Wp 2 entrance creates serious instability in career and also makes them distant from family due to insecurity.

Wp 3 and Wp 4 are both positive. Wp 3 entrance brings amazing growth and prosperity. Whereas, Wp 4entrance offers a generally smooth life for its occupants.

The remaining padas are moderly bad as well. Wp 5, entrance makes people perfectionist and overambitious. It can result them in having unrealistic expectations, which result negatively after all. 

Wp 6 entrance triggers mental depression, whereas Wp 7 entrance brings loss of general happiness in the house, which might also end up in drug and alcohol.

Wp 8 entrance adversely affects the mentality of residents. They become cunning and do not mind adopting unfair and unlawful means for their own benefit.

As you can see that both west and south side contains a couple of extremely padas, it also has very positive padas. If you can place your gate in the good padas you will enjoy its positive results. 

For more information on entry padas and their effects in brief, contact the Vastu consultant in Kolkata only at Vaastu Mangaal. Description- Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals how south and west facing properties can also be auspicious for its occupants.

Selim Khan

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