Verify Form 16: Expectations vs. Reality

Disadvantages of external recruitment
Disadvantages of external recruitment

External hiring can be very beneficial for your company. Hiring a new employee from outside the company can bring along a fresh outlook on certain projects the old employees might not be able to see. An external hire will not only bring along new ideas but could also be the most qualified and experienced person for the job. When you are hiring externally, it is important to thoroughly screen a candidate before hiring to avoid problems later on.

Hiring externally is beneficial to diversifying your workforce. Hiring from outside your company could be the most effective way of finding qualified and experienced candidates for the job. Doing a thorough background check and pre-employment screening before hiring, will surely help save you a lot of problems in the future.

Disadvantages of external recruitment: External recruiting can save you time, though it costs extra money to be advertised online. It is best to look for people outside of your company when you are looking for someone who has a particular skill set that none of your employees possess or if you have to hire more than one person for a job. A background screening is mandatory when hiring externally since going through the process of recruitment, training and orientation could be costly and painful for your brand in the long run.

Make sure your PoS is a verified employee of their company with the help of our Form 16 verification service. When you conduct an ROC or Register of Compliance verification, we’ll automatically verify the documents on Form 16 for all employees on the same data. So you can be confident that your new agents are legitimate and ready to hit the field, even on short notice.The Form 16 Verification tool is a simplified and automated process which is used to verify TAN & PAN, issued proof of employment, salary and other related details, along with the basic verification. This will make sure that you verify your prospective agent’s salary certificate in a quick and hassle free manner.

You can always verify form 16 the details of your candidates with just their tax number, PAN and Aadhaar card. By verifying the government issued DigiLocker (Digi-ID) ID or other verified details on the go now, even at a distance and increase your productivity with instant verification!

You need to verify that agent has not worked with any other agency before you onboard him in your side. But instead of that, now you need to go through a process of verifying the details mentioned on Form 16. Form 16 is a form, which is required to be filled by an employee and provides all the basic information about the employee: their PAN or Permanent Account Number, TAN or Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number. This form is verified for every candidate before you completely approach them.

You can perform Real Time Form 16 Verification for your existing employee’s Permanent Account Number (PAN) with the help of an ultra-modern, third party solution for a hassle-free process.

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