What You Can Do To See Who First Viewed Your Instagram Story

Viewed Your Instagram Story
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When you have less than fifty viewers, then you can actually know who viewed your Instagram story first. The person that views your story the latest appears on the topmost of the list. 

This way after some time, say about thirteen people have viewed your story, the one name that appears at the bottom-most is the person that viewed your story first. That is the chronology that Instagram usually follows.

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But It Only Gets More Complex From Here…

The one answer I provided above is legit and only happens when you have fewer followers and viewers, but what happens when there are more than fifty viewers of your story?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to that question. Instagram has not revealed how its algorithm works that way. As far as I have heard, the ones who even work for them do not know the algorithm themselves. They only know a little bit about the algorithm and that’s it.

However, there is a presence of some theories about how it works.

Theory #1

One theory suggests that the main factor that actually influences how people in a list are ranked is based on interaction. To be very specific, “interaction” refers to a user’s interaction with a specific profile. 

Instagram keeps track of everything, also the profiles that you are interacting with the most. Many known sources believe that is how actually Instagram works.

Tip: If you are someone that would love some anonymity while surfing through their crush’s Instagram profile, then you can try out smihub.

Theory #2

Another theory states that the person who actually ranks top on your list depends on how much time they have spent stalking/analyzing your profile. 

When a user visits your profile often, they become relevant to you and your profile and this makes them rank at the top when they view your story.

From the above-stated theories, what we can derive is that:

  • The timelines of the posts determine who appears in the viewers list at the top.
  • The likelihood that you are interested in those profiles.
  • your relationships with the person that is viewing your story.

If you want to maintain your anonymity and not show up on the story viewer list like this then you can try out gramho and imginn. They are great online tools and also help in maintaining anonymity while surfing through other’s profiles and stories.

Bonus: Tips On Getting More Followers Through Instagram Stories

Here are a few ways of attracting more followers to your profile by posting Instagram stories:

1. Use The Highlights Feature To Drive More Traffic

When potential followers come upon your profile they will not know who you are but they will get to know you as they surf your profile. 

Provide a bio on your profile that is eye-catching and gives a glimpse into your personality at a glance.

The highlights of your life that you provide in your profile will play a great role in deciding whether the visitors to your profile will get converted into your followers or not. Try to make the highlights on your profile interesting.

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2. Do Polls and Quizzes To Drive More Engagement

Creating polls and quizzes on your profile and then posting them on your profile makes for a great way to generate engagement. Instead of asking something unrelatable to your followers, you should rather ask something that really resonates with your already pre-existing followers (they must not feel left out).

When you are running short on ideas to post about you can make your audience members a source of inspiration. Try posting UGC (User-Generated-Content) that actively includes your audience. This is a proven way to drive more engagement.

4. Reuse Your Reels

You can reuse and re-post your reels that performed well on the Instagram platform. There are also people who like to crop the length of the videos and post the succession of it in sequence that makes it fun to watch.

You can even post the same reels that you posted on your other platforms on Instagram. No, nobody will judge you for that as many people do the same.

It is not possible for a person to post new content every single day.

5. Use Different And Unique Templates

You can use questionnaire templates and post them on your story. Urge people to fill them up from their POV, this type of UGC will ensure that your account has something or the other up on your story everyday and also will make sure that you remain consistent with your updates.

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To Wrap It Up!

All we have are some theories on how the algorithm really works. That might not be the way Instagram works at all. Instagram keeps rolling out new batches of updates and the workings and processes of the app keep changing every time.

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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