Washi Tape: A Brief History


The first and most obvious way to use washi tape is to use it as decoration for your scrapbooking adventures. It can also be used as a substitute for ribbons and pieces of paper, and is very easy to use! Simply peel off the pieces and place them where you want them to go. No messy glue, easy to remove and reposition. With so many different colours and designs, you can find the perfect match for your project.

The second is how to use washi tape to decorate your wood crafts. You can find very inexpensive plain wood photo frames at your local craft store, 100-yen shop, or Walmart and bring them to life using washi tape. This is an easy way to washi tape printing custom frames for you and your family or give them as gifts. Making these custom frames is very easy. All you need is your favourite washi tape and a wooden photo frame ($0.99 at Walmart).

Take a roll of washi tape, cut it (use scissors if you want a clean cut), and stick it on the photo frame.

Take another roll of washi tape, cut it out and place it on the photo frame.

Continue this process until the frame is covered with tape. If desired, some trees can be left peeking through or completely covered with tape.

Don’t worry if you “mess up” your tape placement. Removing and replacing the tape is very easy.

You can also use this tape to decorate wooden letter blocks. It’s a simple and easy way to personalise these blocks without a lot of time, effort and confusion. Text can be decorated in the same way as a photo frame.

A third great masking tape craft idea is to use these tapes to decorate plain glass vases. Plain vases can be found at your local Dollar Tree for as little as $1. We encourage you to purchase a variety of shapes and sizes and use the finished product to add a custom designer touch to your room. It is recommended to cut the Japanese tape cleanly with scissors. You should cut enough tape (horizontally) to wrap around the vase, or just enough (vertically) to wrap around the lip/base of the vase and hide the end of the tape.

Fourth, washi tape is great for packaging decoration. Can be used for package gift wrapping. This works especially well if you’re using plain coloured paper. It can also be used to decorate plain white gift boxes. Plus, if you’re mailing the package, this would be a lovely decoration to add to your box (do not use it in place of packing tape, it tears easily!).

Finally, although it’s not necessarily a craft project, you can use it to stick important notes on walls and desks without worrying about damaging the surface. can be attached. I personally used washi tape to label seed pods for indoor gardens.

This wonderful decorative tape has so many uses that it has become a staple in the paper craft arsenal.

Chemical-filled plug-ins, toxic air freshener sprays, and paraffin-filled candles are just a few of the ways people try to give their homes a beautiful scent. and the environment in general. But there are ways to make your home smell great by making all-natural and inexpensive great-smelling products like reed diffusers, air fresheners, candles, and potpourri.

This article will give you some great ideas that you can do at washi tape manufacturer. Plus, many of these ideas make great gifts for your loved ones!

Reed diffusers gently scent the air, but they can be incredibly expensive and you may not find the scent you want. Still, it’s easy to make with a few ingredients and a few bucks. Method is as follows…


Reed diffuser bottle! There are many different types of container choices depending on your home decor and preferences. Method is as follows…


– reed diffuser bottle

– Essential oils (lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc.)

– reeds or bamboo skewers

– vodka

– water


– Fill your reed diffuser bottle with water, add a few tablespoons of vodka and your favorite essential oil. Use 12 drops of essential oil to 1/4 cup of water. Mix ingredients.

– Place one end of the reed in the solution, submerge it, then turn the reed over so the other end is submerged. Reeds should be rotated weekly.

Make your own deodorant spray

Store-bought deodorant sprays are supposed to refresh your home and fabrics, but they contain a lot of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to your health.

It’s so easy to make that you’ll never have to buy one again.


– spray bottle

– Distilled water

– 1 teaspoon of baking soda

– 12 drops of essential oil – lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, orange or whatever you like


– Place baking soda in a bowl, add essential oils and mix.

– Use a funnel to pour baking soda into a spray bottle and add distilled water.

– Shake and spray! Easy and fun to make!

Making your home, apartment, or office a positive place can be as simple as making it smell good. may give

Studies on the subject show that adding lemon scent to office air conditioners and heaters can help you be more alert and productive. It makes sense why individual consumers spend thousands of dollars on candles, oil his diffusers, scented sprays and more.

A nice brand that sells empty glass bottles for perfume is ValeryGlass.

However, if you want to make sure your place smells great, you don’t have to run to the store. You can do it.

Asees Mehtab

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