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I’ve been reading articles and watching videos about Mod Podge crafts, such as how to build or seal anything with it. Because you can use it to make so many intriguing creative items, it appears to be some sort of magic. Therefore, I had this on my list of things to buy and only did so when I was about to forget about it.

I normally make a list of everything I want to buy. I’ll just keep writing on another sheet of paper if I don’t get it this time. So, I’ve already made up my mind that I’ll buy this at some point. Then, when I was browsing a brand-new craft store named Spotlight, I suddenly noticed it. No affiliation. Here is a quick explanation of what Mod Podge is before I proceed. For additional information, visit this page: “It’s a water-based, all-in-one glue, sealant, and finish.”

For various uses, there are various types of Mod Podge available. Even one exists, specifically for paper. I wasn’t sure which one to acquire, but since I frequently see this on other blogs and websites, I ultimately got this one (you can see it by clicking here).

Why Am I Bringing Up Mod Podge? Why Does It Matter If I Use Washi Tape?

As was already established, washi tape differs from other masking tapes in that it can be removed and repositioned. It is simple to seal and pull off. As far as I can tell, the most of the ornamental masking tapes I used adhere very nicely.

However, the quality varies between tapes from various manufacturers and firms. Here, the adhesive is referred to as the quality. Most adhere to paper well. Some stick well to surfaces like wooden cabinets, tables, and walls.

Washi tape is always going to be something low tack. It can be stuck while still being simple to take off. The beauty of it is that. This implies that you are free to switch up the pattern or colour whenever you desire. Because of the low tack, it might not adhere to some surfaces very well, especially the edge. I’ve included a photo of two distinct Shinzi Katoh masking tapes.

Because some washi tapes have a tendency to curl up like the samples above, I use twist ties to hold the end portion in place. Really, I have no idea why. It’s a little unsettling. Regardless of whether the creation is for my own use or as a gift, I really don’t want the curly thing to happen.

As a result, I assumed that using Shinzi Katoh masking tape on a cell phone case would have the same effect (i.e., the adhesive was insufficient). Let’s see what happens to my first Mod Podge project, a DIY washi tape phone case.


  • covers for smartphones
  • Masking tape in the colour peach, mt.
  • Tape with a le style Dot Line washi appearance
  • Love sticker
  • masking tape in the shape of Shinzi Katoh
  • Masking tape in the style of Shinzi Katoh
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Knife of craft

How Can Washi Tape And Mod Podge Be Used Together? What’s the result?

Personalizing phone cases is simple. How to paste neatly, particularly on the edge, side, and curve, is the most difficult aspect. Otherwise, the masking tape’s end portion can curl up and not appear as beautiful.

The pink mobile phone case gets Mod Podge all over it when I’m done sticking the washi tape and trimming off the excess, but the light brown one is left alone. The outcome? The pink cover has a protective covering above it, so nothing curling up can be seen there. Since the Mod Podge I purchased is matte, the shiny component is less noticeable.

Shinzi Katoh masking tape’s edge does like to curl up, as was previously observed, but surprisingly, it holds up well in this phone cover (on the right) without the aid of Mod Podge. On top of the cover, there is a very slight curl.

In any event, it would be best to include Mod Podge just in case if you were giving this DIY phone cover as a gift. Is There Anything To Improve Upon My Washi Tape Phone Case: My First Mod Podge Experiment?

Overall, using Mod Podge and washi tape is quite simple. I’m puzzled as to why it took me so long to simply purchase a bottle of Mod Podge. The one I possess is a tiny bottle. Consider obtaining a tiny bottle if you want to try it.

You might want to skip the Mod Podge or only use it on the corners to keep the edges from curling up if you want to construct some adorable cell phone cases for yourself. This is so that you can alter the washi tape pattern to match your clothing or personal choice. If you intend to give the phone covers made of washi tape as gifts, it would be best to add a thin layer on top.

Adil Husnain

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