Wavlink Router Not Working Correctly: Troubleshooting Advice

When utilizing your Wavlink setup, do you experience any issues connecting to the Wavlink WiFi? Is your Wavlink router not working properly? If the Wavlink router is giving you any trouble, you can try some troubleshooting techniques.

Restarting Your Wavlink Router

To resolve the red light issue, you must first restart your router. When the router contacts some errors, its red light begins to blink. This is the most typical issue because it happens frequently when we connect our devices to Wavlink routers. Therefore, we advise you to restart your router first. Give your router a few seconds to control the red light after turning it on. If it is stable, then there are no problems with the internet’s operation.

However, if there is a problem, continue with the other steps.

Analyze Each Wire Connection

Although most people are unaware of the wires, they are the main cause of the red light problem. All of the wires may become damaged when this problem first arises. After that, you must verify the wires and swap out any damaged cables with new ones. Additionally, check to see that all wires closely link to the proper ports because loose connections can result in red issues and slow internet. Make sure the new cables you use to replace damaged ones have the highest-quality wire possible.

Keep Updating The Router’s Software

The router will experience red light issues if the firmware’s not updated. The Wavlink router option is built into the majority of Wavlink router designs. To learn how to update the router’s software, carefully follow these instructions.

  • First, connect your router using an Ethernet cable to the computer.
  • From the official website, WiFi.Wavlink.com install the updated software.
  • Visit the router’s web management page now.
  • To update the router’s software, select install firmware from the login page.
  • Therefore, to finish this upgrade, restart your router.

Make Sure Your Modem Connects To The Router

When your modem connects, then the red light on your Wavlink router flashes. If the red light on your modem is blinking, then your network connection is not functioning as it should. We will now quickly explain the relationship between the modem and router.

  • All of your wall’s coaxial jacks connect by a modem.
  • Creating a WiFi network requires routers.

View All Ethernet Port Lights

If the router’s LED light starts blinking red after you bought your modem online. An ethernet cable that connects to the modem can see when you look at the modem’s back. Install it properly and insert the plug into the router’s yellow and orange ethernet ports as well as the modem’s orange ethernet port. When the wire is functioning as it should, you must examine both the yellow and white ethernet ports. As a result, the data can easily transmit over the Ethernet cable.

Factory Resetting Your Router Is A Good Idea

On the Wavlink router’s back is a button for factory reset. If you don’t know about it and are confident in your WiFi settings once more, you don’t finish the factory reset. It is not an easy process, but it’s also not overly technical.

You must first locate an admin panel, enter the password, and then reconnect your device. It resolves the Wavlink router red light issue and is a very clearly defined process. Viruses are the main cause of this problem in older routers. Sometimes a straightforward rebooting process is not enough to fix the issue.

Note: After the reset, you will need to do a Wavlink router setup. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the configuration process, then you can follow the procedure.

Setup Your Wavlink WiFi Router

  • First off, installing software is a fairly easy process.
  • Here, you must attach the router to a power source.
  • The router’s WAN port should now connect to the ISP socket using the ethernet cable that comes in the box.
  • Let’s begin the setup procedure by turning on the router.
  • Now that the switch turns “ON,” we can see that the logo and the tiny buttons on the front glow blue.
  • You should join the wireless network with one of your laptops, smartphones, or iPads.
  • Open a browser and type WiFi.Wavlink.com into the address bar before anything else.
  • It will request a “Default” password because this is the first time your router boots up. So type “admin” into the box.
  • You can see visually on the interface whether or not your router connects to the internet service provided by your ISP.
  • Additionally, it shows the number of connected devices as well as download and upload speeds.
  • The connection type can see by going to the “Internet” panel. The WiFi name will be empty, as well as the connection status. Give your WiFi a name that suits you, then.
  • All of the router’s default IP addresses assigned by your ISP are listed under the ‘LAN’ option.
  • The “Wireless” option is now available, where you can specify the names of your 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks as well as their passwords.
  • Finally, you can restrict the download and upload speeds of the devices connected to your router by using the “Bandwidth Control” option. Thereby enabling you to gain the upper hand through the available speed.

Final Words

This post will teach you how to configure and troubleshoot the Wavlink router. We hope that after reading this article, your setup issue will fix or that you will feel as happy as a clown.

Anjali Heera

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