Way to Hire Licensed Nikah Khawan For Services

Licensed Nikah Khawan Services:

 If you need services of licensed nikah khawan services or court marriage in Lahore, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. If you The columns begin with the words ‘if’ or ‘if not, and they should be filled in if there’s specific information that pertains to the column. For instance, column 7 asks whether you have appointed a representative (word vakeel is a word in Urdu that also means lawyer; however, here, it’s used to refer to a word representative) to represent her. This column should only be filled out in the case that she is able to do so, but it is not necessary that the bride appoint one.

Mutual Agreement:

Through nikah khawan services or court marriage in Lahore conditions in the Nikah Nama The conditions that are part of that nikah that must be recorded within the Nikah Nama have to be determined prior to the nikah or prior to it. However, any terms could be modified by the parties after their mutual agreement. However, it is preferential to record these in writing, in such a way as an acknowledgment or agreement, based on how the agreement or settlement.

Then, it is recorded separately with the registrar appointed by the Registration Act, 1908. Regarding the nikah khawan services or court marriage in Lahore all violations could be liable to the registrar, which could be a prison for up to one month as well as an amount of twenty-five thousand rupees fine. The columns of a Nikah Nama could be roughly classified into three categories. The first column needs factual information about both parties.

Court Marriage in Lahore:

The nikah khawan services or court marriage in Lahore has to make sure that the names and addresses of individuals concerned as well as their birth dates, are the same as those listed on their ID cards as well as on their B Form. If the address of the current one differs from the primary address, both could be noted. If the documentation is not inspected when the wedding is discovered to be a marriage that is not legal for minors, then liability is on the part of the parties in accordance with the Child Marriage Restraint Act.


The second is the wedding ceremony and the selection of a vakeel, or representative through nikah khawan services or court marriage in Lahore. The bride does not have to need to choose a person as a vakeel. If she does not have any person as her representative, then it must be made clear that she did not appoint any representative.

Witness for Marriage:

In this instance, the following two columns that ask for the names and relationship with the bride of 2 witnesses for the bride’s representative have to be filled out with care. It must be stated clearly in the columns that they aren’t applicable. Witnesses to nikah do not have to be connected to the female; however, their relationship to the selection of the bride’s representative should be clearly stated. The two witnesses can’t be identical. The registrar has to ensure that the witnesses for the ceremony of the vakeel’s appointment and the witnesses at the wedding are not identical. Note: We have not encountered any instances in which this was an issue.

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