We Celebrated Our Victory in Office Cricket With a Delicious Chicken Festival 

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I never thought that I would ever get the chance to play cricket in my work life and that too after the age of thirty. When this chance came along, I just said a big YES even though I was not in great shape to play the game. 

I have been in service for over a decade now and understandably enough never got the chance to play cricket unlike in my college days when I dreamt of playing for my state team. 

When my office team won the cricket match and we decided to celebrate it, the first thing I did was to order fresh chicken home delivery Thane, to celebrate the occasion in style. 

Till that point, the thought of a chicken festival didn’t even cross my mind. It came up quite by chance when the order was delivered at my doorstep…a colleague hollered, “It’s going to be a feast” and another added, “It’s Chicken festival”. 

For some reason it sounded right to all the team members, who had collected at my home and everybody began chanting “It’s Chicken festival”. 

Nobody was sure what it meant but everybody was really up for it. I guess that’s what usually happens when you’ve filled in half a dozen drinks and are looking forward to more. 

Which came first? Chicken or egg? 

This metaphoric quiz is occasionally asked in witty situations and one colleague who was on a roller-coaster ride, decided to ask, “Now tell me which came first…chicken or egg?” 

Another one lazing on the couch said, “Egg, egg…” and everyone looked at me. Before the whole bunch turned on me, I quickly ordered power eggs home delivery Thane

Just like the chicken earlier, the eggs were also delivered in minutes and that impressed my colleagues. They started asking ‘Which store is this?’ and I had to tell them it’s a local meat retailer from Thane. 

Hearing that, one colleague said, “Thane has arrived man…such efficiency?” Another one, who had grown up in Thane but relocated to Andheri, said, “Dude, Thane was never this good.” 

Choosing volunteers for cooking the chicken 

When it was time to cook the chicken, more than half the guys were not in full control of themselves. Out of the rest there were three of us including me who normally spends the entire duration of a party with just one drink. 

After I received the fresh chicken home delivery Thane, I kept it in the refrigerator but I never took my mind away from it. 

There was a lot going on to grab my attention away from the preparation of the chicken but because I am a one drink reveler, it was not difficult to stay focused on the job. 

When the serious revelers had slowed down considerably it was time for the three of us to quietly move to the kitchen and start working on the chicken. 

The problem with this serious bunch is that if they get into the kitchen, then it would be all over for the chicken recipe we were going to cook. 

We cooked chicken curry on dry onion-laden gravy 

I remember tasting this wonderful preparation at a Punjabi restaurant in eastern Mumbai and the taste lingered on for years. They called it Chicken Do-Pyaza. 

Before I ordered fresh chicken home delivery Thane, I did a fair amount of research on the Chicken Do-Pyaza recipe and made sure I collected all the spices and ingredients. 

I generally had a good grip on cooking and when I get down to prepare a dish that catches my fancy, like this Chicken Do-Pyaza, I don’t give up till I nail it down to perfection. 

The guys knew that and they left me to drive the kitchen but that’s not all. These are the good guys that don’t lose their heads in a party and they stand by me to do all the errands in the kitchen. 

In the meantime, those who were somewhat shaky had dozed off to their little slumbers. We knew that they would be up and hungry before long and so we didn’t waste time. 

The extra-strong spice got everyone up on their toes 

Right from the moment the fresh chicken home delivery Thane was delivered at my doorstep, I intended the Chicken Do-Pyaza to be a mixture of sweet, sour and spice. 

While preparing it, we cracked a few jokes in the kitchen how the spiced up chicken curry would bring all the sloshed ones back into their senses. 

We knew these guys would attack the food like there was no tomorrow and that’s what they did. They had devoured more than half of their respective capacities before the spice from hell hit them. 

That was some sight to watch…we looked on in ecstasy as the shakiest one among them turned out to be the most active, looking around for ice cubes to chew on. It surely was a Chicken Festival to remember. 

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