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It is not a new thing that people often use term cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes interchangeable. Even for most of you, every paper packaging is the cardboard. But when talking about professional packaging industries, the effective packaging material they prefer are corrugated cartons. Now the question is, what is the difference between the corrugated and cardboard boxes? Both the material looks the same, the corrugated cardboard is indeed more durable than simple cardboard, alleviating a worry that the product will be distorted during handling and shipping.

Brown Shipping Boxes: Cardboard Boxes or Corrugated boxes

When ordering the carton boxes for shipping mailers, to transport the item to a client, many business owners initially think that all boxes are the same. The Custom printed corrugated boxes are the same as Cardboard Product Boxes. If they ever heard of the term corrugated, they assume that it is another name of Packaging Cardboard Boxes. To them, these two are simple brown shipping boxes. But the truth is different. When you hire the professionals for the cardboard Product Boxes Wholesale for brown shipping boxes, the first Term corrugates come in their mind.

The business owner is still unable to understand the noticeable difference between these two boxes. All they know is the term Brown Shipping Boxes. For them, cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes are the same things. At this point, they make a mistake when picking the Custom printed cardboard boxes for their product shipping and packaging. There is a noticeable difference between these two boxes that you must understand. These two boxes are different from each other in their making and function. for picking up the right box for shipping, you need to go in detail about Custom printed Corrugated Boxes

Why Corrugated And Cardboard Boxes Difference Matter?

So far, the business manager and owner, makes the difference between corrugated and cardboard shipping material matter?  When you are considering the manufacturing process and the material of these two boxes, these two brown shipping boxes are not the same. Yes, its difference does matter. When picking the perfect material for the shipment of the product, it is your right to know what type of packaging you are receiving. Otherwise, and you cannot claim that you are representing your brand in  proper manner.

Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard boxes’ material usually refers to the heavy paper-pulp or paper stock. For cereal boxes and small card boxes, you have noticed these types of Lightweight Cardboard Boxes.

Corrugated Boxes:

However, cardboard is the material of the corrugated carton. But it does not mean that these are the same material. The corrugated boxes consist of three layers. The outside liner, inside liner, and the flutes. Ruffle shaped fluting runs between these two layers. Corrugated type material increases the process of packaging for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • cost-effective
  • product protection
  • lightweight
  • durable.

Strength of boxes:

Corrugated Cartons:

 Strength of these two brown shipping boxes, there is a considerable difference between them. The corrugated cardboard is much stronger than Cardboard Product Boxes. The reason behind it is its manufacturing. The layer of fluting between the inner and outer liner makes it durable. Adding more layers in between its inner, and the outer layer, stronger is the box. The custom printed corrugated boxes can bear the pressure and withstand the crushing forces.

Cardboard Boxes:

When talking about the cardboard boxes, they are unable to stand the crushing forces and pressure. Besides strength, the corrugated material is much more durable than the cardboard boxes. You can stack the corrugated cartons on top of other corrugated cartons and offer the best storage.

Weight and Size

For the shipping of the product, the weight and size matter a lot. Business owners need something light in weight and offer the best protection to the product. They are also looking for various options for the sizes.

Cardboard boxes:

 Lightweight Cardboard Boxes are best when it comes to the shipping of the product. You can buy custom printed cardboard boxes for shipping the product. As they are light in weight and do not cost you much. Remember, these boxes are not for heavy products.

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated packaging printing boxes come in various sizes and offer the flexibility to choose any size for shipment of product. Like cardboard boxes, they are also light in weight. But what makes it one step ahead of custom printed cardboard boxes is ” it can withstand the weight.”  They are light in weight but able to withstand the weight of the product.

Insulation of boxes:

Packaging Cardboard Boxes:

The brown boxes are the first choices when it comes to the delivery boxes. The primary purpose of the brown food boxes id to offer the insulation. When it comes to the cardboard boxes, it fails to provide the insulation.

Corrugated Boxes:

The flutes in between the outer and inner liner of the box created the air space. This air space offers the best insulations. It is the reason that in a pizza business, corrugated boxes are high in demand.

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