What are organic foods?

Organic food

Organic foods  are those that are produced through ecological procedures. This means that no fertilisers, pesticides or chemicals are used on the soil that is harvested.

Indeed, these types of foods are considered healthier. This is so because they do not contain toxic residues from various chemicals. So turmeric root also makes our body strong. Therefore, they do not alter the biochemical balance of the organism either. In addition, they have a greater number of vitamins and proteins, making them highly nutritious.

Requirements must an organic food meet

For a food to be considered organic, it must be certified by the corresponding authorities of each country. For example, in the United States there is the “National List”. This list has all the substances evaluated as safer for consumption and environmental impact.

Production of organic food

organic products must be grown under specific conditions. As we have mentioned before, these have to be protected with natural fertilisers and not use chemicals. Likewise, it is important to respect the cycle of planting seasons and the characteristics of the land.

Organic food for animal

If we talk about food of animal origin, they should not contain hormones that accelerate their growth. In turn, they require more hygienic living conditions, greater access to grazing areas, and organic nutrition. https://organixlover.com

organic foods provides 

Obviously, no one benefits from eating food that contains chemicals. Therefore, organic food has higher nutrients. On average, a person who eats organic food is exposed to fewer than 12 pesticides in food than those who do. Thus, organic milk has three times more omega 3 fats, which is beneficial for the heart. The good thing is the  best turmeric supplement available here, so that you can spend less money on quality organic food items.

Organic producers who adopt method

At ambient levels, organic producers report an average of 30 greenhouse gas emissions. However, they promote the preservation of species such as bees by prohibiting the use of fungicides that affect them.

Organic fruits contains vitamins

As for organic fruits, these have a higher level of vitamins. Both organic strawberries and tomatoes contain 50% more vitamin C and phenol. Similarly, organic spinach reports lower levels of nitrate and insecticides.

Non-Organic foods effects

As you can see, consuming non-organic food has its risks. There is research that indicates that eating them increases the chances of suffering from cancer. Also, there is the possibility of having allergic reactions due to the chemicals and the high level of hormones they contain. Although these foods are more expensive, because they are produced less quickly and with greater care, it is a guarantee that they are healthier. For this reason, we recommend that your pantry contain mostly organic products .


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