What Are precious stones: benefits, Uses and Types of precious stones

precious stones

Precious stones are called so because of their rarity. Also, the quality and beauty sets the precious stone apart from others. These stones are priced at a high price range; the users need to have astounding pocket power to own a previous stone. Because of their rarity and looks, precious stones justify their price tag. These stones have made it to the kingly jewels in the past and are sold by the reputed labels like Tiffany, Cartier, etc. Sotheby conducts auction programs from time to time to let the gemstone enthusiast buy the precious stones which are unique in terms of carat and size.

In this article, let’s take a look at the types, benefits and uses of precious stones.

Types of precious stones

Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire are the four main examples of precious stones. Natural pearl gemstone, due to its rarity, is also considered a precious stone. All other stones apart from these are categorized as semi-precious stones.

While the diamond, ruby, emerald and Sapphire are extracted from rocky mines, pearl gemstone has biological origin. It is developed in the nacre of the mollusk. Thus, a pearl can be called a gem but it is not a stone like other precious stones.

Uses of precious stones

Precious stones are things of adornment. These have been in use for many years as a status symbol. The best uses of precious stones are:

a. Embellishment: People mostly use precious stones in jewelry. The purpose is to make jewelry quite attractive and to enhance the beauty of the wearer. The people irrespective of their origins and occupations use precious stones to enhance their appeal and as a personality booster.

b. Beauty enhancement: Some gemstones are used as ingredient in facial creams. Their role is to take off the impurities from the skin. The gemstones can help in treating warts and moles and are used as a beauty treatment for acne and other skin issues.

c. Drilling tool: Precious gemstones like diamond and Ruby gemstone are the hardest materials on the earth. These gemstones are used to cut the hard substances like rocks. Thus, the drilling machines in petroleum and mining industry are made with the help of precious gemstones. 

d. Astrological benefits: Many precious gemstones are advised for use by the astrologers to find the remedy for problems in the horoscope. The impact of malefic planets or bad positions of planets can be reduced by wearing rings and pendants made of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Coral gemstone, a semi-precious stone, and substitute for Ruby, for instance, can be used for treating bladder stones, intestinal spasms and to treat sleeplessness. 

Benefits of precious and semi-precious gemstones

Gemstones are useful in correcting the energy field of a person. These are mostly effective in building the protective atmosphere, as a result of which the difficulties don’t come in the way of the wearer. In some corrective methods, the gemstones are placed in various parts of the body to help the user achieve balance. For easier cleansing, the gemstones are worn as rings and pendants.

Diamond: Diamond is beneficial for the people born under Libra and Virgo signs. It is known to attract abundance. It boosts the position of Venus, which is effective in bringing luck, prosperity, fame and success to the ascendant.

Ruby Gemstone: The main function of Ruby Gemstone is to enhance alertness. It improves energy levels and helps users concentrate better on their jobs. 

Sapphire gemstone: Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire are the two varieties of Sapphire. Sapphire shares the same family as Ruby, which is corundum family. Only the red members of the corundum family are called Rubies. The main role of sapphire gemstone is to bring stability in life. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is worn to remove difficulties pertaining to personal life and childbirth. Blue Sapphire gemstone solves the professional dilemmas and help the wearer opt a stable mindset. That is why, several neurological disorders are managed with Blue Sapphire.

Emerald gemstone: Emerald Gemstone is useful for providing opportunities in career. The stone can help gain success in the field of the choice when hard work is combined with the luck-boosting properties of this gemstone.

Hessonite Gemstone: Hessonite works at different levels. It imparts mental peace and stability. The wearer can experience better concentration levels. Those who cannot afford ruby gemstone use Hessonite as substitute. The spiritual peace becomes easier to attain by wearing Hessonite Gemstone. It is also known for providing health benefits. The stone can help in rectifying the planetary movements’ impacts and serve as protective gear against the trouble-causing positions of planets in the horoscope.

Coral gemstone: Boosting will power is one of the benefits of coral gemstone. It signifies energy levels improved than before. The stone is used to overcome nervousness and unknown fears. The coral also has healing properties and is used for treatment of acne and related skin problems.

Cat’s eye gemstone: Cat’s eye gemstone is the most widely used gemstone for boosting luck. Its role in career enhancement is quite evident. The stone brings worldly pleasures to the wearer and brings wealth from unexpected sources. 

Cat’s eye belongs to quartz family and is a fairly hard gemstone. This gemstone offers recovery from medical conditions. It also improves night vision. The health benefits of this gemstone make it a good choice for boosting mobility and in healing cancerous growths.

To conclude.

Gemstones belong to precious and semi-precious categories. These have a positive impact on the life of the wearer. These are mostly used for making jewelry items and they have industrial utility as well. Due to their hardness, the gemstones are used largely for cutting and drilling activities. The astrologers advise wearing gemstones to boost luck and to bring positivity in life. Basic role of gemstones is to improve health and wealth status. These enhance the courage and improve spiritual calmness. Also, several diseases can be managed by leveraging the healing properties of the gemstones. So, if you feel boggled by the life challenges, you can think of consulting an astrologer and wear the gemstone as recommended.


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