What Are The 6 Types Of Carpets? Complete Guide To Carpets

Best Types of Carpets
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Deciding the best style of carpet can be difficult because when you enter a showroom and look at hundreds of different styles and designs of carpet, you get totally confused. So there is a need to first decide on the perfect type of carpet for your place, so it can fulfil all the requirements of the flooring.

There are many types of Carpets in Dubai, but you have to select the best. Today I am here to help you understand all the types of carpets and their pros and cons, so you can easily select the ideal carpet for your place.

Here are the six best types of carpets that suit different types of interiors because they all have distinctive features and characteristics. So without further ado, let’s have a closer look at these carpet types.


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Saxony carpet has a cut loop pile and is made of twisted carpet strands that stand up straight. With the broadloom woven loops, this carpet provides an equal surface. Soft carpet fibre is used to weave the pile in a highly thick and compact manner. Therefore, these types of carpets are considered highly durable because of their pile construction.

Saxony carpets are available in all types of colours and designs; they are suitable for almost every type of decor. If you want a carpet that can easily adjust to every interior even when you change the interior look, then I would suggest Saxony carpets.

Frieze Cut Pile

Despite being a cut-pile carpet, a frieze carpet is still different from the traditional cut-pile carpets because the twisted long piles of these carpets make them unique. The length of the piles on these carpets can be 12 to 34 inches. Because of the high twist of the fibres, this carpet is very durable.

These carpets are not perfect for formal settings. They are best for family rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms. The only disadvantage of these carpets is that the piles twist with each other due to their length, but this is part of their beauty.


The Berber people of North Africa and the Sahara weave rugs known as Berber carpets. There are both traditional and contemporary designs available on these carpets. They are defined by various knitting patterns, colours, and fabric textures. These carpets are mostly used in residential areas, but I suggest that they are also a great choice for commercial areas.

Berber is a great choice for offices because of its soft texture. These carpets look very beautiful in soft colours because they look more sophisticated. Berber is also available in multi-colours, so they are best for modern interiors.

Cut And Loop

Cut and loop carpet combines lower loops with high-cut tufts, which makes them lovely for the users. They can be used everywhere because they are strong and long-lasting. But maybe the most alluring aspect of these rugs is the outstanding patterns that they produce. 

These carpets can be easily adapted to all types of interior decoration because they are available in various colours, designs, and patterns. The combination of cut fibres and loop fibres makes these carpets unique and durable. These carpets are ideal for modern and industrial-style decors. They can easily be placed in any room.

Textured Cut

Cut pile or looped carpet can be used to create textured rugs and carpets. There are different types of textures and looks for these types of carpets, such as tightly twisted fibres, different yarn thicknesses, or a combination of loop and twisted fibres. These carpets are also called “trackless” because they never show footprints.

These carpets are best for mid-to high-level traffic areas because their fibres can’t be damaged too easily. That’s the reason they are mostly used in commercial areas or living rooms of houses where there is always a rush of people.

Plush Pile

Plush pile carpets are also known as velvet pile carpets. The texture of the plush pile is very different because fibre is cut even into shorter lengths than in Saxony carpets and then tightly packed together to give a luxurious, soft, and rich look. Wool or synthetic fibres can be used to create gorgeously soft plush carpets.

These carpets are very pleasant to walk on because of their warm and soft texture. These carpets are not suitable for high traffic areas because they can easily be damaged by the foot. As a result, these carpets are only suitable for low-traffic areas.


I have mentioned all 6 types of carpets that are popular these days because of their beauty and styles. You can select any of these carpets keeping in mind the needs of your place. Best of luck with the selection of carpets for residential and commercial places.

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