What are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Tank?

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When you plan to purchase a new storage water tank, you have to consider many factors before you purchase then. The important considerations are cost, location, and size. However, the main point to consider is the material of the storage tank. Water storage tanks are available in many materials like concrete water tanks, stainless water tanks, and polyethylene water tanks.

Amongst all the water tank materials, the steel water tank is better than the other tank materials. Stainless steel tanks are a popular choice to store drinking water. These RO water storage tanks are durable, easy maintenance and you can clean them easily. 

What are the advantages of using stainless steel water tank?

Using stainless steel water tank has many benefits in comparison with the other materials of a water tank. Stainless steel material is safe for usage and steel water tank is better for various reasons. They are:

  1. Protects from corrosion – Stainless steel tanks provide great durability than other materials like carbon steel, plastic, or concrete. Stainless steel is a strong material that resists oxidation by water and biocides. It is extremely useful for water tanks for storing water as it protects from corrosion. Also, the stainless steel water tank does not require any exterior or internal coating. 
  2. Durability – Stainless steel water tank has greater resistance towards corrosion, wear and tear, and cavitation in both pure and contaminated water. Also, this material is heat resistant and any harmful radiation does not impact this material. Also, the steel water tank does not crack easily and rust easily. 
  3. Hygiene – Most people go for a concrete water tank as they are less expensive than stainless steel tanks. However, people don’t think that concrete water tanks are unhygienic. These tanks are more prone to bacterial growth and are vulnerable to mould. As concrete tanks are porous, these tanks leak calcium which results in water contamination. However, stainless steel tanks are hygienic. As stainless steel material is stable, this material is adaptive in water. 
  4. Recyclable – Stainless steel tanks are environment-friendly. There are many advancements in stainless steel production, over the past years. They have mainly focused on the use of energy and natural resources. These days, most stainless steel tanks come with 60 to 70 percent of recycled materials, and hence they are recyclable. This is the main benefit of using steel water tanks. 
  5. Mobility – Yet another benefit of using steel water tanks is their mobile nature. We have seen that concrete water storage tanks reside in one place after installation. They remain fixed in that place and cannot be moved to another. However, this is a tough situation and might not suit all. Sometimes, after installation, there might be a need to switch the storage water tanks to another location. In this case, steel tanks are better and they can be switched from one location to another using a forklift. So, moving steel tanks from one location to another is easy and removes effort. 
  6. Aesthetic value – Storage water tanks mostly reside at the top of the building and can be seen from one view. Plastic or concrete water tanks are not attractive and look dull after a few years of installation. In most cases, stainless steel tanks are attractive and they even look new after many years. They can also be painted outside to match the surrounding area. 

Why stainless steel water tanks are so popular? 

Stainless steel tanks have various benefits and hence it is popular for many people to use them. Steel water tanks withstand high pressure on it and corrosive elements. Due to its various benefits, stainless steel tanks cost more than other water storage tanks. However, it is durable and hygienic for use. It is like a one-time investment in a water tank, and it is easy to maintain. 

Plastic is not safe and contains toxins when it exposes itself to atmospheric temperature. It is not safe for health and can cause dreadful diseases. Plastic tanks allow sunlight to penetrate and become prone to develop fungus, bacteria, and mould. Water stored in such tanks can cause malaria, skin disease, and typhoid.

Hence, people prefer stainless tanks and it is becoming popular and is an alternative to plastic water tanks. Unlike plastic tanks, steel tanks are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Steel is food grade and the water quality is also maintained in steel tanks. Also, steel tanks are safe and chemicals or toxins do not mix with water. Furthermore, sunlight does not penetrate and hence fungus and mold do not grow inside steel tanks, keeping them safe. These tanks are environmental-friendly and recyclable. Stainless steel is low-carbon steel and has about 10% chromium in it. Due to the presence of chromium, causes the formation of chromium oxide film on the steel’s surface, and it changes to adherent, strong, and corrosion-resistant metal. 


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