What are the best Roblox games?

Roblox games

Games aren’t just better than ever for kids, the means of creating them are, too. The best example of that is Roblox: a massively multiplayer online game creation platform and, since it is so easy to make something fun, there are millions of Roblox games to enjoy. User-generated creations allow you to weather the existential threat of a natural disaster, try your hand as a pizza maker, and take a break away from it all with a spot of peaceful scuba diving. From sims to RPGs and adventure titles, we’ve highlighted the best Roblox games to enjoy with over 100 million other pals in online games. Think of it like Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet smooshed together and forged into an entire platform. With more titles on the platform than you can possibly play, we’re here to uncover the player-created diamonds in the rough and make sure they get the credit they deserve. Below you can find out the best Roblox games and more about this exciting platform. If you’re looking for Project Slayers codes, hit that link to our sister site, Pocket Tactics.

All Star Tower Defense Fighting back escalating waves of foes in the best tower defense games is plenty of fun, but instead of placing and upgrading boring old towers, why not destroy your enemies’ using ninjas from Naruto or heroes from My Hero Academia? All Star Tower Defense’s main story mode takes you on a mission to defend a series of famous anime locations – as you complete each level, you earn rewards that allow you to obtain more powerful towers. There are also several challenge modes, a PvP mode, and even an infinite mode to test your endurance. For the latest ASTD gems and gold, check this list of All Star Tower Defense codes read more here.

Pet Simulator X Pet Simulator X is all about creating a collection of adorable pets, and adventuring across the world together, gathering coins and adding to your menagerie. If you’re lucky, you might hatch some rare pets that you can show off to – and even trade with – other players.

Blix Fruits Inspired by Devil Fruit from the One-Piece anime, consuming a Blix Fruit grants you various weird and wonderful powers, depending on the type of fruit you eat. Using the power of this fruit, your mission is to steadily grow in power and skill as you progress through the worlds, banding together with other players to slay foes and level up.

Using your Blix Fruit strategically is key to progressing, as each fruit has particular strengths and weaknesses. The fruit can be purchased from a dealer, but it also regularly spawns on the map every hour, so keep an eye out for new fruit if you want to change your skills and check this updated guide of working, new Blix Fruits codes.

Natural Disaster Survival Natural Disaster Survival has a hint of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to it. Get ready to desperately cower for dear life against the elements in whatever shelter you can find. That’s how we play PUBG, anyway. You might not be fighting each other in this Roblox game, but you will be trying to grab cover from various natural disasters explicitly designed to kill you dead. In our first round, we had to scamper to the top of a glass tower to escape a flash flood.

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