What are the common problems of high school students?

Students in high schools go through the much-discussed phase called adolescence. Some teenagers become extroverted and over-expressive at this age. On the other hand, some cannot handle life’s situations and become suppressed. If your child goes to a high school in Ahmedabad, you may be concerned about the common problems they may face. Therefore, as parents, you must know these issues as it is most likely your ward may hesitate to open up if victimized. Most CBSE schools in Ahmedabad for 11 and 12 today take action against these activities in schools.

Common Issues that High School Students Face

The underlying reason for the mandatory position of a counselor in schools is the common teenage issues. Teenagers find it easier to confess to a counselor than speak to their parents. Therefore, you must be aware of these problems to help your child overcome them.

Examination Anxiety

Many students fear tests in high school. Depending on the amount of resilience in the child, the anxiety is less or more. But the unfortunate fact is that every teenager faces this apprehension. Furthermore, the current curriculum has many assessments and evaluation methods throughout the academic session. Thus, students hardly get time to breathe a sigh of relief between tests.

Performance Stress

Even when there are no examinations, high-school students may be stressed about their performances. It includes their performances in academics, extracurricular activities, or sports. They also get too exhausted due to their schedules. Also, high school is that time when teenagers must decide their future engagement. Many parents keep reminding their children to make wise decisions and how they may affect their life. But, only preaching without proper guidance or empathy leads to more stress in students.


It is one problem that every teenager faces in high-schools. There are high chances that the one bullying today has been a victim in the past. Physical bullying can be dangerous for a person. In comparison, psychological bullying can change the entire attitude of the student. Today, a new kind of bullying exists that we as parents did not face in our schooling, which is cyberbullying.

Bitter Relationship with Teacher

As a high-school student is no longer a small kid, the rebellious and radical nature is natural in this phase. Therefore, many a time, students develop conflicts with teachers. It may be more prevalent for teachers who were rude to students when they were young, and the student could not revolt then. Or, it can also be a present scene where the student disagrees with the teacher’s methods. It is not a healthy situation for your child as students and teachers must have friendly communication for better learning.

Peer Pressure

Teenage is that time of life when students want to try new things in their lives. Mostly, these are the things that their guardians have asked them to avoid. Often, teenagers do not want to do a particular task, but their friends compel them to. Therefore, they do it only to avoid being rejected or humiliated by their friends. It can be an addiction or an unethical activity. After doing the work, even if they realize their mistake, they cannot face their parents out of fear and guilt.


Before your ward goes to a high school in Ahmedabad, you should prepare yourself mentally as a parent. Also, it would help if you were friendly with your children so that they would tell you about the problem first. No matter how strict the CBSE schools in Ahmedabad for 11 and 12 are, some teenage issues will prevail. Notwithstanding, school authorities should be vigilant to avoid extremities. Also, it would help if you were alert about your child’s behavior to track any problems they face.

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